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Chuck Giles, Fighter Diary: The Weight Cut


Chuck Giles

Chuck Giles is a local amateur that fights at 125 lbs. His next bout will take place on December 20 for Fight Card Entertainment at Joe’s on Weed. Here’s the last edition of his fighter diary before his bout.

This is the part of the whole getting fight ready thing I hate the most, the weight cut. I have 5 days left to get to 125 pounds I’m usually at 135-138 around this time. It’s also around this time that going to the grocery store is the worst experience (you have to pass all the good stuff to get to the healthy stuff). I am thankful to have Amanda in my corner when it comes to weight cutting. She has broken down everything I can eat to where I can feel full and not put on any extra weight. The diet is basically 1,000 to 1,400 calories a day and consists of 3 meals that coincide with the workouts I do at the gym. I haven’t stepped in a sauna or had any problems with weight thanks to the things Amanda has done for me. Amanda’s one of the best things to happen to me and she’s also very beautiful! (And I’m not just saying that because she told me to!)

I finish up my last workout today with Gene Calderon and I’ve had my last hard sparring session (that was fun). From this point on it’s drilling and conditioning for the weight cut. I am truly thankful to be able to work with Gene and Dan, these past weeks I have felt like a completely different Martial Artist. Working with Dan and Gene has felt like sitting at a table and watching them put a puzzle together except the puzzle was me (laughing). It’s like whatever combos or things I’ve worked on with Gene, I take it to Dan and he works right off it. From Dan yelling out Kiltichko, Ali, while working stand up and Gracie or his own style of techniques on the ground, to Gene saying Pacquiao, and Mayweather and making me throw what seems like 500 punches, knees, and kicks in one session, I am truly blessed.

There are many reasons I have to keep going, many reasons to feel motivated, many things that inspire me, but there’s one thing that haunts me. There’s a dream I had about 7 months ago where I was in a fight in the cage. I couldn’t see the face of the person I was fighting, but his body and movements were clearly there. We are going and he knocks me clean out, like birds chirping and stars spinning (laughing). When I came to he was on top of the cage flexing and screaming and there were doctors and everything standing above me. I knew how I felt when I woke up and it’s been a consistent thing in my head that keeps me driving harder. Even in the gym I see this dream. After watching UFC Road to the Octagon, I downloaded the last 1:30 of the show, where Benson Henderson is talking. Listening to this gives me a little push, it’s to the point where I have it memorized.

This is the last blog before the fight. I am so excited for this fight. I honestly feel like I am more ready now than I was for my last fight. I have been given the gift of knowledge and learned a little more about not only different skills, but a little bit more about myself. I am extremely thank for all the people that have helped me, from my DK MMA family to Gene Calderon to Amanda, you guys have been great for me and in turn my job is to be great for you all! Also thank you Fight Card for keeping faith in me that I would eventually get it right (Laughing) – Nilo and Brian you guys are awesome. I am going to go away and finish prep for this fight and thank you all for reading. See you all on Dec 20th if your coming to the Fight Card event at Joe’s on Weed Street, and if not read my next blog Dec 21st or 22nd! Thank you all for your support and reading.

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