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Mitch Nix, Dinisio Gilbert Pull the Trigger at FCE Massacre 2013


Mitch Nix at FCE Massacre 2013

by Mike Finch

Fight Card Entertainment turned the volume up at Joe’s Bar Wednesday night with “Massacre 2013”. The main event featured a rematch for the middleweight title as Mitch Nix and Dinisio Gilbert trekked through five rounds of high-paced action.

In the rematch between Nix and Gilbert, both fighters came in shape and ready to take home the title. Nix landed big slam takedowns in rounds one, two, and three, turning the rounds to his favor.

In the fourth round Gilbert got his striking going at full speed, stunning a slowing Nix and trying to finish in every combination. Gilbert won the round, but that would be his last success. Though tired, Nix pushed on and held Gilbert’s striking off enough to land another big slam and finish the round on top pounding away. Nix went on to win the fight in a clear decision, and Gilbert joined him in winning fight of the night by a long shot.

Nix praised Gilbert’s heart and determination. “Props to Gil,” Nix said. “He showed what he was made of a lot more than the first time around…that was fun.”

Early in the night Evan Wright out-paced a very game Jeremy Higgins to a decision. Hailing from Washington D.C., after the fight he announced trips to travel again and fight in New Mexico and Italy.

Nam Ho showed power in his big strikes and bombing leg kicks, overwhelming a very technical opponent in Tony Richards. Though he clearly won rounds one and three, the fight was ruled a split decision – the first of two odd judges’ calls that night.

Sam Ferguson pulled away in his hard earned win over Rob Duczynski. Soon after, hulking MMA fighter Daniel James showed composure and technique in his Muay Thai decision win. James was then followed by a high-paced and well-supported Alberto Rodriguez, who used his Jiu-Jitsu to please the astounding amount of ticket holders who were there to cheer him on.

The high-level amateur action was topped, however, in every aspect by the main event of the evening between Nix and Gilbert.

The card featured just nine fights, but fans packed the building as FCE showcased some high-level amateur action. Perhaps it seemed intense because I was sitting three feet in front of the speakers, but FCE managed to keep the crowd entertained through four Muay Thai bouts and five MMA fights.

Not one fight was a mismatch, and not one fighter came into the cage without being in shape and ready to make it a battle. Half of the fights went to a decision, which in amateur MMA is more a sign of good competition than lack of action or desire.


Christian Lucero (Kaotic Punishment) vs. Carlos Hernandez (Combat Do)
Hernandez defeated Lucero by submission (RNC) at 1:50 of Round 1
(MT) Jeremy Higgins (Robby Cole Muay Thai) vs. Evan Wright (Carlson Gracie)
Wright defeated Higgins by Unanimous Decision
Rob Podinski (Predator Muay Thai) vs. Eder Brito (Victory Martial Arts)
Podinski defeated Brito by submission (RNC) at 1:30 of Round 2
(MT) Tony Richards (Evanston Boxing Club) vs. Nam Ho (Robby Cole Muay Thai)
Ho defeated Richards by Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
Stephen Lee (Keller’s Martial Arts) vs. James Waller (Chicago Muay Thai)
Waller defeated Lee by TKO in 1:34 or Round 1
(MT) Sam Ferguson (Carlson Gracie) vs. Rob Duczynski (Robby Cole Muay Thai)
Ferguson defeated Duczynski by Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
(MT) Rick Thurmand (Keller’s Martial Arts) vs. Daniel James (Combat Do)
James defeated Thurmand by Unanimous Decision
Earnest Downing vs. Albert Rodriguez (Rio Jiu Jitsu)
Rodriguez defeated Downing by submission in 2:09 of Round 1 via a RNC.
(Title) Mitch Nix (Valko Jiu Jitsu/Team Toro) vs. Dinisio Gilbert (No Comment)
Nix defeated Gilbert by Unanimous Decision

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