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Combat Do Dominates APFC Title Fights


by Matt Lo Cascio

Combat Do continued their dominance Saturday night at APFC 11, capturing four titles in four fights. Carlos Hernandez Jr., Angelo Rivera, Jose “Chepe” Mariscal and Jose “Shorty” Torres all left with belts.

“That makes 16 belts for Combat Do in 2013, and 23 straight amateur wins,” Combat Do’s Bob Schirmer told Chicago’s MMA.

Carlos Hernandez Jr. was up first against Joe “The Show” Hanley in the APFC flyweight title bout. After a close first round, Hernandez Jr. took charge in the second, taking Hanley down and sinking in what looked to be a fight-finishing rear-naked choke. But Hanley displayed great defense and determination in escaping the hold. Hernandez Jr. ended up in mount and again Hanley fought hard from the bottom to defend strikes and attempt his own subs.

Hernandez Jr. landed another takedown in the third and this time was able to land huge shots from top position. Overall he was just quicker in the standing exchanges and did the most damage in the fight. He won via unanimous decision, with one judge scoring it 30-26 for the Combat Do flyweight.

Angelo Rivera was next against Dragonz Lair MMA’s Allen Hollingsworth, defending his title in the APFC welterweight championship fight. Rivera got right at it after the opening horn. He quickly took the center of the cage, landed a solid right cross and then moved Hollingsworth up against the cage. He used a trip to get Hollingsworth down, established his position and went to work. Rivera showed the poise of a pro fighter as he looked to score from top position. He worked from there for the majority of the first round, but with ten seconds left made a slick transition to an armbar. Even though time was short Hollingsworth was forced to tap.

That’s two belts in less than a month for Rivera, who recently captured the Praetorian welterweight title over CounterStrike MMA’s Andrew Potapenko.

In the APFC lightweight title fight, Jose “Chepe” Mariscal made quick work of his opponent, American Pit Fighters’ Eric Thomas. Chepe had Thomas up against the cage and landed vicious shots. Thomas was hurt and backed away from the cage, only to have Chepe track him down and finish him with a flying knee that made the crowd roar.

Jose “Shorty” Torres had his work cut out for him against the dangerous Khuseyn Kurbanov, in a rematch of their March battle at APFC’s MMA Unleashed 2. Torres choked Kurbanov out in the second round of that fight, and beating him again would prove more difficult.

Kurbanov did a nice job of countering kicks with solid left hands early in the first, but Torres landed a huge takedown that was the difference in the round. That first round proved pivotal, as judges scored it even the rest of the way. Torres won the rematch 29-28 on all three cards and he retains the APFC bantamweight belt.

Patriot Boxing’s Chris Conway used great wrestling to subdue Justin Gary and nullify any offense Gary tried to muster. Conway was deducted one point for an illegal knee to the head in round two, but it looked to have landed cleanly on Gary’s chest. It wasn’t consequential though as this bout was all Conway from start to end. He won 29-27, 28-28, 29-27 due to the deduction, but he clearly won all three rounds and is the new APFC featherweight champ.

Like Combat Do’s Angelo Rivera, Illinois Martial Arts/Striking Arts Academy’s Jason Belyew was looking for his second belt in less than a month as he took on Rufus Elston in the APFC light heavyweight title fight.

Belyew set the tone early in the first by taking Elston down and easily gettingĀ  to full mount. He employed some ground and pound and went sub-hunting at times, displaying patience in the process. It was clearly Belyew’s fight and he won the belt via unanimous decision.

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