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Results: APFC 11: Champion vs. Champion


Results from APFC 11: Champion vs. Champion, Max Sports Complex in McCook, Il, June 22, 2013


Louis Taylor vs. Eric Hammerich – Taylor def. Hammerich via guillotine, rd. 1

Dan McGlasson vs. Dan “The Anvil” Stittgen (Striking Arts Academy) – Stittgen def. McGlasson via guillotine at 3:11 of rd. 3

Jordan Hinman (Finney’s Hit Squad) vs. Shamar Bailey (Team Top Notch) Bailey def. Hinman via UD.

Tom Angeloff (Rothwell MMA) vs. Josh Estrada – Angeloff def. Estrada, 1:27 of rd. 3, via triangle choke

DeAndrew Jones vs. Josh Schirmer (Combat Do) – Jones TKO Schirmer, 2:59 of rd. 1

Aaron “Iron Man” Cook vs. Chris “The Treehugger” Hicks – Hicks def. Cook, RNC at 2:37 of rd. 1

Julian Collins (Hybrid Martial/Team No Comment) vs. Bobby Moffett – Moffett def. Collins, tap via D’Arce choke, 1:21 of rd. 1.

Pedro Velasco (Team No Comment) vs. Jeff Lavallee (Hackney’s Combat) – Velasco def. Lavallee, tap via RNC, 2:54, rd. 1


APFC Bantamweight Championship

Jose “Shorty” Torres (Combat Do) vs. Khuseyn Kurbanov (Hackney’s Combat) – Torres def. Kurbanov, 29-28 on all 3 cards.

APFC Lightweight Championship

Eric Thomas (American Pit Fighters) vs. Jose “Chepe” Mariscal (Combat Do) – Mariscal def. Thomas, TKO-strikes, 1:43 of rd. 1

APFC Featherweight Championship

Justin Gary vs. Chris Conway (Patriot Boxing) – Conway def. Gary, 29-27, 28-28, 29-27

APFC Light Heavyweight Championship

Rufus Elston (Independent) vs. Jason Belyew (IMMA) – Belyew def. Elston, UD

APFC Welterweight Championship

Allen Hollingsworth (Dragonz Lair MMA) vs. Angelo Rivera Jr. (Combat Do) – Rivera Jr. def. Hollingsworth, armbar at 2:28 of rd. 1

APFC Flyweight Championship

Joe “The Show” Hanley (DeLaRosa) vs. Carlos Hernandez Jr. (Combat Do) – Hernandez Jr. def. Hanley, 30-26, 29-28, 30-27.

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