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Nick Garcia Wins UCL Middleweight Championship


United Combat League: Weddington vs. Garcia

by Greg Harrison

United Combat League returned to action Wednesday night in front of a packed house at 115 Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park. Seven fights took place including one for the United Combat League middleweight championship that featured Nick Garcia going to war with John Weddington.

The main event between Garcia and Weddington was indeed a war for the first two rounds. In the opening round, Weddington managed to escape a choke attempt by Garcia. The second round saw Weddington land a high kick to the face of Garcia, but it did not seem to faze him much. Garcia tried a triangle choke, but Weddington showed his toughness and will in managing to escape once again. Garcia dominated the third round with his takedown and ground game, grinding out a unanimous decision to win the United Combat League middleweight championship.

The co-main event was an entertaining heavyweight battle between two powerhouses. Halston Williams and Phil “Big City” Garreau had one huge back and forth battle that basically came down to conditioning. Garreau gave Williams trouble in the first round by powering him against the cage and landing some big knees. Williams managed to land big shots with strong right-left combinations, but still had some trouble with the Garreau bull-rushing him up against the cage. In the second round action was halted due to a low blow by Williams. Garreau was tired by the final round, but kept fighting. Less than a minute into the final round, Williams unloaded a series of rights and lefts that ended the fight,  earning him the victory by stoppage.

Full Results: United Combat League, July 17, 2013, 115 Bourbon St., Merrionette Park, Illinois

UCL Middleweight Championship

Nick Garcia defeated Josh Weddington by unanimous decision to win the UCL Middleweight Championship

Other Bouts
Mike Peterson defeated Wesley Wealch at :57 of round 1 tapout due to side choke
Anthony Frank defeated Bryan Titus at :33 of round 1 tapout North-South choke (Muay Thai bout)
Ryan Peters defeated Earl Milton TKO at 1:20 of round 1
Schuyler Lindsay defeated Mike Trtan at 1:21 of round 1 by tapout due to a RNC
Luke Engall defeated Glenn Evans at 1:08 of round 1 by tapout due to triangle choke.
Halston Williams defeated Phil Garreau at :57 of round three by TKO due to strikes

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