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Louis Taylor Takes Us For a Ride at APFC 16 [Video]


Louis Taylor vs. Robert Gotreau APFC 16

by Matt Lo Cascio

Louis Taylor APFC 16After getting his hand raised following an exciting victory, Chicago Fight Team’s Louis Taylor was asked by cage announcer Ray Flores to describe the fight. “Well, we went for a ride!” Taylor said. As Horatio Sanz says in the famous SNL “More Cowbell” sketch, “He speaks for all of us.”

Indeed, APFC 16 was a wild ride, certainly in the cage and at times outside of it (more on that later). Taylor thrilled the crowd in his win, a whirlwind of a fight with American Top Team’s Robert Gotreau that featured a lightning-strike finish.

Gotreau did something not seen heretofore, at least not locally: he was able to muscle Taylor a bit, even lifting him up and putting him on his back in what could be called a mini-slam. Gotreau was on top in Taylor’s guard but couldn’t score nor advance position. When he did try to pass guard, Taylor quickly used an underhook to get right back to his feet.

Taylor then fired two jabs, each snapping Gotreau’s head back. Gotreau tried to answer with a leg kick, but Taylor closed the distance and clinched, then sent Gotreau for a ride with a powerful over-under throw that shook the canvas and made the crowd go wild.

Taylor ended up on top in loose side control. Gotreau was able to get to his knees, but Taylor had his neck and quickly pulled guard, cinching the hold tight. Gotreau tapped quickly.

Taylor (10-3) displayed all the skills that got him to bigger promotions like Strikeforce and Bellator: great grappling, speed, power and poise. He then gave an impassioned post-fight speech about his love for his family and his city that stirred the crowd even more. There were other great performances at APFC 16, but Louis Taylor was the show.

Click here for APFC 16 results. Check back later for a detailed recap of the event, including the return of MMA legend Jeremy Horn. Here’s video of the Louis Taylor vs. Robert Gotreau APFC 16 fight.

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