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Total Fight Challenge Results: April 11, 2014


Total Fight Challenge

1. Amateur Muay Thai – Ahmad Fallahi defeats Aliki Hui by unanimous decision
2. Amateur Muay Thai – Tyler Lorek defeats Zac Klonowski by Split Decision
3. MMA – William Wilson defeats Thomas Louzon :44 fight stoppage due to strikes
4. Amateur Muay Thai – Olivia Curry defeats Karina Yates Unanimous Decision
5. MMA – Josh Rose defeats Matt Perez 2:44 3rd Rd submission due to armbar
6. MMA – Luke Cherep defeats Gabriel Navarro 2:39 1st Rd stoppage due to strikes
7. Amateur Muay Thai – Mario Lozano defeats Stonewall McCoulston TKO 2:58 1st Rd
8. Amateur Muay Thai- Steve Jennings defeats Jeff Beck Fight Stoppage 1: 46 2nd Rd
9. MMA – Brian Lukasik defeats Allan Humphries 2:42 stoppage by rear naked choke
10. Amateur Muay Thai – Nico Jefferson defeats Lamont Doyle Unanimous Decision
11. MMA – Sinatra Pool defeats Nick Sharp 1:37 1st Rd stoppage due to strikes
12. Muay Thai – Dave Ksaisek defeats Ralph Howard KO 2:59 3rd Rd
13: MMA Title fight – David Garcia defeats Askar Askar1:30 1st Rd stoppage due to strikes
14. MMA Title Fight – Miguel Luis defeats Otis Brumfield 1:46 Submission 3rd Rd submission by choke

Special thanks to Mike Bacos for the results.

Click here to see Total Fight Challenge pictures.

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