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Duane "Bang" Ludwig

It was only a matter of time before Duane Ludwig created his own empire. Known for his tremendous success with Team Alpha Male, he has tested and proven his striking system, nearly to a science. After TJ Dillashaw’s first fight with Renan Barão, Joe Rogan referred to this system as “an entire new level of striking… Bang Muay Thai.” (Rogan Podcast #508 w/ Ludwig & Dillashaw) Not for nothing—Ludwig received Coach of the Year honors in 2013 and 2014.

How has he produced such an effective system? Ludwig’s unique striking system allows a fighter to easily adapt to an opponent—predicting counters by following a simple formula. This formula is based off a chain of commands made for easy response, developed by repetitive drilling; others refer to this as the Matrix of Striking. Ludwig has taken small techniques and mapped them onto a system of numbers or commands in order to communicate effectively with his fighters during a fight, on the pads, or sparring. In effect, Duane has established “Predictive Modeling” for fighting. “Predictive Modeling” is what we financial advisors term the analysis of patterns to formulate a model of future behavior.

TJ Dillashaw and Duane LudwigDuane Ludwig has proven that being construed as obsessive can be beneficial, particularly in martial arts. Following a disciplined system, a la Bas Rutten’s striking style, works. (Duane is a Bas Rutten Black Belt.) In turn, TJ Dillashaw follows Ludwig’s system.

Duane’s refined striking system has created an educational environment that reduces risk of injury for Dillashaw, and all the fighters and coaches using his methodology. Simply put, they get better. In a time when guys are frequently pulling out of fights due to injury, I cannot think of a single one doing so while utilizing Ludwig’s system. One of prime example of Ludwig’s risk mitigation is his emphasis of drilling over sparring when he trains fighters like TJ Dillashaw. This, along with a few rules to follow:

  • Get Better
  • Get Tired
  • Take Care of Your Partner

Duane has developed methods to work with people who are scared to get hit, and slowly work them up to proper reactions. He teaches how to set the right goals in drills to help students relax and hone their focus.

On July 25th, UFC bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw is set to defend his title against Renan Barão—an opponent Dillashaw picked apart with his “Bang Muay Thai” in one of the greatest upsets in UFC history. On the heels of this anniversary, Duane Ludwig hopes to spread his knowledge to coaches throughout the world who want to get better. He is ready and thrilled to showcase his drilling strategies in an interactive workshop on July 26th at the Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness facility just south of Milwaukee Wisconsin. Those in attendance will experience a unique seminar—there are still spots available to learn from the best and implement this system into your game today!

The Bang system is proven, and Duane Ludwig is one of the last Masters Of The Arts. Take advantage of this opportunity to sit under his learning tree.

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About Chris Martin

Chris Martin is Brazilian Jiu­Jitsu Brown Belt with over a decade of experience in the insurance and financial services industries. He has become a Black Belt in serving businesses throughout the Midwest who are focused on creating a culture of vitality and good health within their organizations. Most recently, Chris partnered with one of his corporate clients, Nova Gyms, to assist with the development of their fitness franchise. He has brought in martial artists and coaches who want to grow their business by offering them the business services, infrastructure, financing, and consulting needed to help them make their dreams a reality.

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