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Travis Newaza Leg Lock Seminar


Travis Newaza Seminar

Travis Newaza is back in town this weekend, teaching a two-day seminar hosted by Rio Jiu Jitsu and Pete The Greek. Leg locks will be the focus, a specialty of Newaza’s.

Travis breaks down why you should attend: “YOU are a product of the choices YOU HAVE MADE. You don’t train leg locks this is why you are easy to leg lock.”

Don’t be easy to leg lock. Come down to Rio Jiu Jitsu this weekend and learn how to be the predator, not the prey.

The seminars begin at 1pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Preregister by Wednesday for a chance to win some sweet Newaza Apparel! Here’s the address and phone number to register:

Rio Jiu Jitsu
2841 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, IL 60618

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