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XFO Rise of the Gladiator 2 Results


XFO Rise of the Gladiator 2

Results from the first round of XFO Rise of the Gladiator 2 at HOME Bar in Arlington Heights, IL on October 7, 2017. Check out the video recap right after the results.

XFO Rise of the Gladiator 2 Results

Sean Beseka def. Deriz Aljevic, TKO – Strikes, 1:24 rd.1
Rob Beckley def. Rich Reilly, Sub – RNC, :39 rd.2
Jackson Callahan def. De Andre Wolfe, Sub – RNC, 1:33 rd. 1
Jerry Hasser def. Marcus Macrea via split decision
Rose Puzon def. Sara Connolly, Sub – RNC, :51 rd. 2
Sean Seibert def. Kiran Malempati via unanimous decision
Jacub Piton def. Ishak Civic, TKO – Strikes, :46 rd. 1
Joanna Pruszynski def. Anna Arboleta, TKO – Doctor Stoppage, 2:00 rd. 1
Lauren Collins def. Mariah Fitzpatrick via unanimous decision
Andrew Addison def. Ashwani Panwar via unanimous decision
Elsie Perez def. Vicki Anderson, TKO – Strikes, 1:33 rd. 1
Shawn Stafford def. Aaron Brown, TKO – Strikes, :27 rd. 1
Anita Sterling def. Valerie Nowicki, unanimous decision
Mason Sheehan def. Christian Hernandez – unanimous decision
Kris Ripke def. David Villareal, Sub – Guillotine, :41 rd.2
Brandon Johanson def. Tim Adent, Sub – RNC, 1:18 rd. 3
Katie Norris def. Portia Johnson, TKO – Strikes, :44 rd. 1
Chris Houlihan def. Rob Stassen, KO 1:41, rd. 1
Andy Garcia def. Eddie Alba, TKO – Strikes 1:49, rd. 1
Rafael Alfaro def. Todd Abboud, Sub – Guillotine, :30 rd. 2
Kim Bulow def. Kristi Jensen via unanimous decision
Jason Johnson def. Dominic Gianpetro, Sub – RNC 1:22 rd. 2
Igdalecio Gaytan def. David Krauz via unanimous decision

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