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WWE and Virtual Reality – What’s the Connection?



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People have different passions. Some may like traveling, some may be more into crafting and DIY activities, some like music and some are big fans of wrestling. Believe it or not, wrestling is considered a form of art too, of performance act more exactly, and it combines theatrical performance with athletics. It first appeared back in the 19th century in Europe and it grew over the years and turned into one of those multimillion-dollar entertainment industries. Some worldly-renowned wrestlers even appeared in movies and developed a career in this domain and they proved to be quite talented. Here are some names:

  • John Cena

  • The Rock

  • Hulk Hogan

  • The Undertaker

  • Shawn Michaels

  • Triple H

Believe it or not, there’s a very close connection between the wrestling industry and technology, so if you’re curious already read the rest of the article below.

What does WWE mean?

First things first, those who are not quite familiar with the term “WWE” should know it comes from World Wrestling Entertainment. It’s an American entertainment company that mostly deals in professional wrestling and that also has revenues coming from other industries, such as music, film, product licensing, video games, as well as other direct product sales.

Those who may not know much about this subject may believe that WWE shows are legitimate contests, when in fact they aren’t. These shows are entertainment-based and they follow a storyline. Even though they are choreographed matches, people can still bet on their favorite wrestler, because believe it or not, WWE odds are not scripted. Also, wrestlers have to be well trained and to perform their moves correctly in order to avoid putting themselves at risk.

What is virtual reality?

What is VR and how does it work?

Virtual Reality, or shortly known as VR, is a computer technology that operates on virtual reality headsets and that generate realistic sounds and images in order to simulate the physical presence of a user in an imaginary or virtual environment. Once the user puts those headsets on, they are capable to “look around” in that artificial world and feel like they are actually present there.

The latest WWE news

So far two completely different topics have been discussed: WWE and VR. Justly, you may wonder what exactly the connection between the two is. Well, you should know that Triple H (or Paul Levesque on his real name), who is the Executive Vice-President of Talent at WWE, went to a Web Summit conference on technology in Lisbon, Portugal some time ago. There he talked about the fact that WWE has been experimenting with Virtual Reality for a while and that they are preparing a very big surprise for the fans.

Triple H and others from the WWE are trying to take the wrestling universe to a completely different level and to make it even more engaging and entertaining for the audience viewing WWE events.

Attempts to bring VR into the WWE have been made in the past and one very good example can be found here. In this video, people who couldn’t afford to buy a ticket to WWE events or couldn’t make it there had the chance to watch the entrance of their favourite wrestlers via these 360-degree videos.

However, this is only the beginning, as WWE promises that this aspect will significantly improve in the near future and fans will benefit from an amazing experience.

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