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Chandler Previews Bellator MMA Live



Chandler Previews Bellator MMA Live

When Michael Chandler starts talking about his eight years in the MMA industry, it becomes obvious just how much sheer hard work and determination it takes to do this job. It is a bloody and painful path that requires sacrifices in order to gain victories instead of losses, but these men feel called upon to keep showing up, no matter what kind of setbacks need to be overcome on the way to the top.

Fast-Paced and Violent, but Entertaining as Hell

Chandler stated that he felt that MMA is a quick-moving, somewhat brutal sport, but that its merit as far as entertainment is concerned is without question. He added that one of the best things about mixed martial arts is the fact that it is able to transcend many different demographics.

He said that there were many people like him who he fought against, and he certainly felt that this sport was his calling. He finished off by saying that there was no point where he was forced to fight, that he had chosen this game, but earnestly believed that God had placed him here on earth in order to do this, and do it well.

Chandler Set to Fight Yamauchi on January 20th

As punters who enjoy MMA thanks to the Australian betting apps available almost everywhere will know, Chandler is a former Lightweight champion who is set to face Goiti Yamauchi this coming Saturday, January the 20th, which fans can enjoy in real-time thanks to Bellator MMA Live.

Chandler has just come up off of a 12-week training camp leading up to the fight, and acknowledged that he spends a good deal of his time in training. He stated that there were times where he was not at the level of fitness he should have been at, but that this was set to rights by the lengthy training periods he underwent before getting into the ring.

Chandler’s Brutal Pre-Fight Regimen

Chandler explained that, for each fight, 12 weeks before saw him starting to clean up his diet. 8 weeks before these changes extended to his sleeping schedule and workout programme as well, in an effort to get everything to where it should be. He stated that there is a great deal of focus mentally on how to win the upcoming bout, and visualisation played a part in the plan also.

A Strict Diet to Stay in Shape

Chandler’s diet pre-fight consists of six ounces of proteins with some veggies five times a day, as small meals. Chicken and broccoli, or turkey and the same, or ground beef with cauliflower or broccoli. His meals are between three and four hours apart, and he doesn’t drink anything other than amino acids and protein shakes during this period -except for coffee, which he says he is grateful for, as it is always allowed.

Chandler has come to accept the fact that not every fight he fights will see him win, but he’s changed the rules: every loss is also a new way opportunity to succeed, at least in terms of future fights.

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