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UFC 220 Says McGregor Should be Stripped of Title



The majority of fighters for UFC 220 are in agreement that the time has come to strip Conor McGregor of his title. With Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson both promoting their upcoming UFC 223 bout currently, the UFC Lightweight Championship question has managed to insert itself time and time again.

The Interim Lightweight Title is Up for Grabs

As things stand currently, the fight between Nurmagomedov and Ferguson, set for the 7th of April 2018, is being billed as being for the Interim Lightweight title, the one, as punters who enjoy the MMA Australian sports betting markets available will remember, that Ferguson won in October.

Most of the fighters who are set to compete at the TD Garden Saturday night card, however, believe that McGregor should be stripped of the belt: the champ, after all, is an absentee one, who has not made an appearance in a while.

Hungry Fighters in That Weight Class

Calvin Kattar stated that there are a lot of determined players in the LIghtweight division coming up, and, although he made a point of stating that he was not Anti-Conor, these hopefuls deserved their shot as well.

Kattar added that he fully understood why Conor was sitting back, in view of the money he has been making, but McGregor didn’t need the belt the way these other fighters did. Kattar explained that McGregor could fight where and when he wanted to now, and expressed his admiration for McGregor in light of this, but held that this is why the belt should once more become avaialble.

Featherweight and Lightweight Fighters are the Most Opinionated

In proof of Kattar’s statement, it is evident that the fighters calling most strongly for McGregor to be stripped are those from the weight classes in which McGregor has held titles, the Featherweight and Lightweight divisions.

Shane Burgos, who will be meeting Kattar for a Featherweight bout on Saturday, believes it is time to give Nurmagomedov and Ferguson their place in the sun, as well. He mentioned that McGregor had not defended in more than a year -has not, in fact, even competed in this period- and that he did not defend the Featherweight title either. Burgos stated that Nurmagomedov and Ferguson were first-rate fighters who also deserved a chance. He finished off by calling McGregor not being stripped a disrespect to the these two mixed martial arts combatants.

Another Pair of Opponents Weigh In

Another fighting duo who are in agreement about the Lightweight division moving on from McGregor, who, incidentally, has not taken part in an MMA bout since he finished Eddie Alvarez in the title UFC 205 fight in November of 2016- are Rob Font and Thomas Almeida, who will be kicking off the PPV Bantamweight bout on Saturday.

Almeida gave his opinion, saying that Nurmagomedov and Ferguson deserved the title, being the champions they are. He added that they were the best in their division, they were going to be fighting one another, and the best choice for the division would be to make the winner of that bout the new champion.

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