Dollaway Faces Uncertain Future After Tragic Accident




CB Dollaway is in a tough position. He will be making his return to the ring at UFC 222 in March but he is still not fully recovered from a serious back injury he suffered due to an unfortunate elevator accident. The past 17 months have been a difficult time for the fighter who has been attempting to recover from the incident and kick start his career again.

A single day before his debut in the 205-pound weight class at UFC 203, Dollaway was involved in the accident that would change his life. The Wyndham Hotel in Cleveland’s lift collapsed down the elevator shaft with Dollaway in it. Doctors barred Dollaway from facing his then opponent Francimar Barroso.

Ten months later Dollaway faced Ed Herman but it was clear the fighter had lost more than ten pounds and his nagging back problems weren’t going away, as he certainly wasn’t able to perform at his peak. Today, another six months later and Dollaway has come to accept that his problems are not going anywhere. He stated in an interview that he has seen many doctors and basically they can attempt to operate and resolve his back issues but the procedure would be very risky and debatably not worth it.

Settling For A New Beginning

The 34-year-old has now been moved down to the 185-pound weight class and to the disappointment of those who enjoy the thrillonline betting has to offer, it doesn’t seem he will be moving up anytime soon. He has stated that he would like to move back out of middleweight but his medical problems prevent him from doing the high-intensity cardio and weight training needed to add another 10 or even 15 pounds of muscle.

He went on to say that when he returned to the ring in his new weight class he did not feel like himself. He said he felt stronger and more in charge at the higher weight classes. It cannot be ignored that Dollaway’s mental state would be his weakness in his upcoming match against Hector Lombard, the hard as nails veteran fighter.

Fortunately for Dolloway, the 40-year-old Lombard has been fighting his own battles as of late. The fighter tested positive for steroids in 2015 and he was knocked out in 3 of his last 4 fights. This fight may seem like a shoe in for Dollaway but both of these fighters are not at their peak and it certainly seems that for both fighters this may be a last gasp at keeping hold of their careers.

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