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Kayla Harrison PFL

Kayla Harrison celebrates her win at PFL 2 in Chicago. (Photo Credit: Herb Staten/Scales Off Media)

From the minute Kayla Harrison made it known that she intended to pursue an MMA career, expectations have been high. But she’s not daunted by this fact. In fact, she aims to embrace the challenge and then some!

Her History Shows She’s Capable

This goal should come as no surprise considering how Harrison destroyed the competition in her time as a judoka. Even punters who usually prefer to engage in Live AFL betting will remember that she became the first American to take home an Olympic Gold Medal at the 2012 games, and then went on to repeat this feat at the next ones four years later!

After managing this there was not much left for her in judo, and Harrison was rather naturally interested in following in the footsteps left by Ronda Rousey, her former training partner, who has gone on to become a UFC megastar and try professional fighting.

Promising Results

So far, Harrison’s been doing well. After making her debut at Professional Fighters League 2 back in June, she managed to deliver a fight-ending armbar on Brittney Elkin. In PFL 6, her second bout, Harrison once again held her own against the more experienced Jozette Cotton, although the third-round TKO took longer than she would have liked.

Harrison spoke of being really upset when she got off the mat and out of the cage, really frustrated and emotional about how the fight had gone. She said that she is constantly trying to be the best in the world and that falling anything short of that is difficult for her to manage. She said that she eventually calmed down, however, and spoke to Mike Brown, Tony Martin, and Big Jim Pedro Sr about it all and found she could walk away having learned something from the experience.

Anxiety About Her Gas Tank

Harrison speaks of one of her biggest concerns always being her gas tank, in the sense that she’s always felt that she wasn’t in good-enough shape for the MMA. She said that when she was doing judo she always felt that she could easily go through 20 matches a day, since she was simply in far better shape than her opponents were. In MMA she’s been worried about how quickly she’s been getting tired, and the one thing she could take away from the fight with Cotton was that she felt as fresh in the third round as she had in the first, so that aspect of her performance has improved.

Harrison was by no means perfect. She wasn’t able to finish an armbar in the last moments of the first round, and her standup is still a work in progress. But she did show a willingness to strike in the cage with Cotton, and even managed to fire off a high kick every now and then. It was her ground-and-pound and grappling, however, that saw her triumph.

Harrison says that she’s picturing receiving an MMA title every night, and has been since she first made the decision to start fighting. She has said that this is her end goal, and that by the end of 2019 she aims to be, if not the best, then at least one of that group.

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