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MMA Gear for Beginners: The Essentials and ‘Nice to Haves’



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When you are starting out as a beginner with Mixed Martial Arts it can be tempting to invest a fortune in buying all the fancy gear which the shops like to push on you, but take a step back. There are only certain items which you must have as a beginner for protection, none of which costs the earth.

If you are starting out in MMA you need to make sure you have all the right protective equipment which fits you properly and will help to keep you safe from injury while practicing and while sparring in the ring.

You can ask your coach or club for advice on what to get and if they can recommend any good suppliers but remember, when you are starting out don’t spend a fortune, just make sure it all fits you properly and protects as it should.

Here is our quick round up of essential MMA gear for beginners:

  1.    Two pairs of MMA gloves

There are two different types of gloves required for MMA – one is for use in sparring and training, the other is for when you start fighting. Make sure you choose MMA gloves rather than boxing gloves as they are very different. Be sure to check out reviews such as the ones on SportzBits.

You will find that MMA gloves are far lighter than boxing gloves but they still provide the same level of protection for your hands – some will also have built in wrist protection as well. The training gloves tend to be more padded than the fighting ones. The gloves should be slightly loose fitting to allow you to use the hand wraps underneath them.

  1.     MMA hand wraps

You should also invest in hand wraps to wear under your gloves to give you extra protection but also to absorb any sweat and moisture from your hands. They are easy to wear and take off but are a must whenever you are training or fighting.

  1.     A rash guard shirt

MMA can create friction burns and abrasions against your skin so it is well worth buying yourself a rash guard shirt to protect your upper body.

This shirt is lightweight and has added compression which helps to support your muscles while you are training as well, providing a double benefit. It will also protect you from any finger or nail marks while fighting.

  1.      A mouth guard

This is one of the most essential pieces of kit for any fighter. It will prevent your teeth from being knocked out but can also help to reduce the impact of a blow to the jaw, helping to protect your whole mouth area.

  1.      An MMA head protector

Another must-have for any MMA fighter is a head guard. You need this both for training and fighting to protect your head against impact and to keep your ears secure. As a total beginner, you might also want to choose a head guard with a built-in face protection as well.

  1.     Fighting shorts

It is not advisable to try MMA training and fighting in anything other than specialist MMA shorts as anything else won’t last beyond a session. The MMA shorts are specifically designed to allow for movement and flexibility.

They will be on the more expensive side but they will last and will give that freedom of movement and the peace of mind that they won’t split at any minute while you are fighting.

  1.      Shin protection

As MMA includes kicking it’s important to make sure your legs are protected by buying shin guards or shin pads. You need to make sure you get the right length to protect your legs and choose guards designed specifically for MMA to give you the padded protection you will need.

  1.      Groin protection

MMA is a contact sport involving kicks, punches and grappling so your groin is potentially at risk and it’s a really good idea to invest in some kind of groin protection before you start out on your MMA journey.

These are all of the essential pieces of gear which you need as a beginner before you can even contemplate starting with MMA training. The essentials are all designed to protect you during training and fights, to prevent injury.

There are no doubt plenty of other pieces of kit which you will be encouraged to purchase but anything beyond this list is really a nice to have, and when you are just starting out it’s not worth spending a fortune on kit in case you decide not to stick with it.

Go for the essential items at a relatively cheap price first, while you are starting out, and once you are into it and have decided MMA is the sport for you, then you can start looking at the nice to haves and investing more in your kit.

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