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Important Basics for Beginner MMA Practitioners


With the rising popularity of UFC and stars, MMA has made quite a name for itself drawing a lot of fans and MMA enthusiasts inspired by the athletes keen to learn the skills and techniques. The huge bundle of information can make you feel overwhelmed. That is why we are here. Either you are going to take MMA as a fitness workout routine or approach it professionally these basics will help you achieve your goals better. After you have successfully chosen a good gym and trainer now is the time to focus on some basics.

Build your endurance

Endurance is very important for any sport. The octagon or ring will take a hard test of your endurance so if you want to survive then work on your endurance. Luckily you can do that by hitting the gym, be ready to get your tank tops drenched. Many people think if they opt for MMA, they won’t have to lift weights or go to the gym. So, there you go, it is just a myth. There are many exercises that will help you with this goal. Start with a beginner level and then build up step by step.

Don’t forget the importance of Grappling

MMA, mixed martial arts, means you have to be a mixed martial artist. Learning and mastering different martial arts will help you become better and give leverage to the opponent. However, grappling is very important so it should be one of the first things you should learn. Some even say that a fighter cannot be good at MMA if their grappling game is not strong. Getting into and holding your dominant position, submission hold and breaking the hold. Of course, you don’t go directly there first you would have to learn how to perform takedowns.

MMA striking basics

If you don’t want to hit and be hit then I would recommend practicing MMA just for fitness. But there is no fun in that. The fun part of MMA is striking. Learning to throw punches, kicks, elbows, and knees is very important and you will be doing a lot of it in MMA training. Keep your mind open for learning and develop yourself to be better at it. Learn the basics of how to throw a punch and kick etc. We all know how to do that but without proper technique, it could even hurt you back.

The next step is to learn how to protect yourself from these as well. How to defend yourself and how to evade them, both and then as an answer when and how to counter-attack. Keep in mind you will not master any technique in a day. Perfecting your punch can take a lot of time so don’t raise the hopes too high.

Train your mind too not just the body

Without a trained mind your body will fail you as no matter how much time you have spent sparring, on the punching bags, and in the gym making your workout clothes dripping from sweat. Training and even sparring are different than an actual match. Fighting in the octagon is then on a completely different level. So, you have to make your mind be present, ready for action, focused, and not get intimidated. With more training and as you start to take part in matches the things will ease out. You can prepare yourself by starting participating in matches and starting at an early age so you have more ring experience.

Choose your gym and trainer carefully because if they have the UFC or octagon experience it will help you with the preparation. Clear your mind and focus on the goals, remember why you started and keep on it.

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