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Important Martial Arts Styles Every MMA Fighter Should Know


The MMA cage is the testing ground for different martial arts. Back in the day you could only think of two people from different martial arts fighting together and wondered what the result would be. MMA is the modern-day real picture of that. Just as the name tells, this is Mixed Martial Arts. It is because of MMA people started looking at respective martial art styles differently.

Early days of MMA were dominated by BJJ grappling but we can say this was because at the time people didn’t know any defense against grappling. And BJJ made its name so almost everyone at that time was learning it. Then came the wrestlers dominated era. With time MMA got mature and today there is no professional fighter who is not well aware of different styles. Today you would learn the most important martial art styles that are important to be a good MMA fighter. So if you want to become good, put those MMA shorts down for now and get better at the following martial art forms.

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BJJ teaches you how to the skill to use disadvantageous positions to your advantage, attacking from any major positions, controlling the opponent on the ground, and pressure locks. Things like chokes and armbars can also be performed while standing. The importance of BJJ cannot be ignored it is one of the most important skills MMA fighters should have.

Usually, it is thought that a person on the bottom would lose the fight. But with BJJ and the techniques like submissions, escaping, reversing, sweeps, and holds one can turn it to their advantage and even end the fight there and then.


If you cannot live without wearing MMA gloves then try wrestling there you can fulfill the wish of wearing your gloves while learning important things. With wrestling, you learn to control the situation and your opponent. The history of mixed martial arts is evidence that wrestlers were the most successful ones at a time, and they still continue to do so combining other techniques with it.

Taking down your opponent, avoid being taken down, taking control over the opponent and avoid being taken control over is what fight is be all about. This is what wrestling will teach you. In MMA this can play a major role in making you win and eventually making you a great fighter.

First, takedowns and positional control give you scores. Second, from a dominant position, you can do lots of other techniques like choke holds, etc. which will either give more points or give a win. It is like you are controlling the fight. It makes one of the best bases for MMA and no doubt why wrestlers transition so well into mixed martial arts.

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Muay Thai

In a fight, especially MMA striking is very important. And Muay Thai is one of the best. This art of eight limbs teaches you how to use your body as a tool to deliver effective damage to the opponent.  You not just learn how to use your knees, kicks, punches, and elbows but also learn how to avoid getting a hit from them and counter the attacks. This tested martial art focuses on techniques that actually work. Every fight starts in a standing position whether it be in MMA or the real world. That is why strike knowledge is essential.

Prepare yourself for everything to become good at different martial arts and completed your fighting game. These three are the most important and basic martial arts. There is no top MMA fighter who does have well-rounded skills. Any other martial arts are also useful when used at the right time in the right place.

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