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MMA Practitioners: Avoid These Training Mistakes



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To be a successful MMA athlete, you need to improve your strength and speed while not letting your endurance and stamina down. To improve these things there are certain mistakes that you need to avoid. The following are the most common MMA training mistakes, so have a good read and try to avoid them from now on.

Training like a bodybuilder

Eliminate the thought of taking off your MMA gloves to follow a bodybuilder workout routine. Sure, working and gaining a body like a bodybuilder makes you look cool and tough. But the truth is, it is not tough. More muscle you have the more oxygen the body will need. Making it tough to maintain your speed in a fight and the body becomes a burden. So I suggest you forget putting on your workout sweatshirt for bodybuilding training.

Battle Ropes

Not varying your training speed

Increasing and decreasing training speed is very important. This is one of the most important yet overlooked parts of MMA training making it a mistake to avoid. If you are doing your training only at 60% to 70% intensity the body will wear out completely after the 30-second flurry. Then you are finished and the opponent will take complete advantage of this situation. Then you could do nothing about it.

But on the other hand, you cannot always be training at your 100% because this way you will burn out quickly. The best strategy is to alter your training intensity after a while making sure your training is a mix of reps, weights, lengths, rests, etc. pack your MMA gym bag well because it is going to be a long training day.

Not being patient

Not being patient with the training and gains is one of the most common mistakes. You are lifting weights to improve yourself as a fighter. Because you are doing MMA training the body is not able to make gains or improve strength how you expect. Just be patient and keep on it.

CrossFit training

Doing CrossFit training might seem cool but there is a problem. First, all CrossFit gyms are not the same. Careful, CrossFit is not just about putting on workout shorts, tank tops, and sweatshirts you should be careful about what you are doing. Best case scenario, you would just be wasting your money and time. Worst case scenario, you could end up with serious injuries.

Ignoring the importance of sparring

All the training and weight lifting would be a waste if you aren’t doing sparring. This would all benefit you and improve your game if you were actually taking out some time daily to put your effort into sparring.

Neglecting workouts to improve mobility

Focusing on getting stronger often makes us forget the importance of improving mobility. But doing so just takes us back instead of progressing. Actually, mobility is important for improvement and workouts to work. It is a lot more than just stretching before working out.

Working out for MMA

A small change in things, forgetting specific training or workouts, has a big impact on an athlete in MMA. The sport is evolving and people are still learning and trying new things so the training programs can improve and so can the athletes. Straighten your path, be clear with the goals, do complete training and keep on it. Follow these guidelines and avoid the mistakes and you surely will improve.

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