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The legendary Don Abato is back with “The MMA Ten”. This week, Don cracks wise and brings the knowledge. In this edition…KJ Noons, Chuck Liddell, The Baddest Man on the Planet, GSP and more.

10. First Let’s Clear This Up: KJ Noons, one of the top guys in the now defunct EliteXC, says he is NOT signing with the UFC. Internet reports of such are rumor according the former 160 pound champion.

9. Let’s Be Clear On This Too: It should be obvious either KJ or his management team likely put the rumor out there in the first place. It’s an old Hollywood/Sports trick to get your name in the arena when the masses aren’t talking about you much.

8. Do You Care?: Serra vs. Hughes at UFC 98 in May. Grudge match between two evenly matched elders? Actually, yes I do.

7. Prime Numbers: UFC Primetime, the 3-part documentary previewing GSP vs. Penn II did really good ratings in its debut. The fight is already sold out. If the show continues to be as engaging as episode one we could see new PPV records being set. Believe the hype.

6. “The Fedor Show” Isn’t Catchy Enough: Affliction and WAMMA Heavyweight Champion Fedor stars in his own documentary on Fox Sports Net in advance of his Affliction fight with Andrei Arlovski. The title pretty much sums it up: Fedor – The Baddest Man on the Planet. It matches the champ’s style: No nonsense.

5. Do You Care Pt.2?: Liddell vs Rua in Montreal at UFC 97. After seeing Rua struggle against Coleman, I don’t.

4. What’s Your Excuse?: Coleman says lack of money was the reason he faltered against Shogun. Oh, I thought it was lack of cardio and age.

3. What’s Your Excuse Pt.2?: Dennis Kang’s UFC debut was looking good early as he seemed to handle Alan Belcher. But then he got caught in a guillotine choke. Kang has now lost 3 of his last 5 fights. For the superstitious is this a case of the supposed PrideFC curse?

2. Silva Awaits: Hendo’s win over Ace cements his place as a coach in TUF 9. UFC lucks out, because as we saw with Mir/Noguiera, the buildup for Bisping vs. Henderson from the reality show will be tremendous. Keep on eye on the card featuring that main event, it could be another big one.

1. Spinning Up To The Moment: The Affliction PR machine will be busy up to the first bell. Regardless of what we hear regarding ticket and PPV sales before Saturday, once the result of Arlovski/Fedor is announced we’ll know if this promotion will survive. Not that there’s any added pressure or anything.

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