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10. Junie Love – I’ve tried to avoid writing about this guy cuz his act reeks of TV whore tactics. But ya gotta admit between the colored hair and sharp combos he looked like a little Shawn Thompkins in the Octagon against David Kaplan in the TUF 8 finale. And I’m not just saying this because the noted striking coach was in his corner for the fight.

9. Won’t Be Confused for PBS – The UFC raised more than $4 million for Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Not bad for a night’s work. President Elect Obama or, gulp, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich should entertain the thought of MMA for their next fundraiser.

8. Ya Better “Reckon-ize” – Tom Atencio announced the final card for the clothier’s second event. Love the main event between Arlovski and Fedor. Also think Babalu vs. Sokoudjou and The Janitor vs. Little Nog are good matchups. It’ll also be nice to see Jay Hieron, Chris Horodecki, Barnett, Lindland and Hominick back in action.
7. Counter Programming – As I give my endorsement to “The Day of Reckoning” card, we again ask who will watch? SpikeTV will offer up a health dose of UFC counter-programming. For me that means DVRing that Lesnar/Couture event (which I didn’t buy cuz I knew something like this would happen). That’s $45+ well saved on my part!
6. Hunitington Beach “Blab Boy” That Affliction fight the UFC doesn’t want you to watch features Tito Ortiz behind the mic offering fight commentary. Hearing Tito (of dwindling credibility) run his mouth, hmm, will that be enough to persuade fans NOT to buy the PPV?

5. Make It An MMA Holiday! Buy MMA stuff and save the economy! Just in time for Christmas season you can buy MMA merchandise. Maybe some UFC trading cards or action figures. MMA Authentics and Cage Fighter gear are stocking stuffers for your favorite fight fan.

4. Choi To The World – Mirko Crocop announced he’ll return to action New Year’s Eve when he faces Hong Man Choi. Good to see Crocop back in the ring after his last go was a “no contest” due to groin strikes. Being 7 feet tall, I’m pretty sure Choi will succeed at avoiding repeated shots to the jewels. I don’t wanna ever hear “testicles” and “stomach” used in the same sentence again.

3. Nover and Over Again – We kept hearing Dana tout Phillipe Nover as the next Anderson Silva-slash-GSP-slash-Barack Obama-slash-Moses. He’s none of those! Read between the lines: UFC is going to the Phillipines in 2009 and Zuffa needs another Filipino attraction outside of Brandon “The Truth Is He Could Be Gone Soon” Vera. Just look for what Mikey Bisping does for the promotion when they go to the UK. Or what they WANTED Tito Ortiz/Roger Huerta to be when they eventually hit Mexico.

2. UFC 92 – This should be a good one. 3 great main event fights. It’s the Noguiera (Pride-huggers) vs. Mir (UFC loyalists), Griffin vs. Evans in “The Ultimate TUFer”, and finally Rampage vs. Silva 3? To me, Christmas doesn’t come till December 27.
1. Make A Wish – Hope all your Christmas/MMA wishes come true! Remember, if Santa doesn’t give you what you want he likely doesn’t know how to defend the RNC. I don’t really know though.

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