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Patrick Curran put in one of the night’s top performances in the latest edition of The Xtreme Fighting Organization.  The promotion also held its first ever women’s match, pitting Felice Herrig against Valerie Coolbaugh.  Enter for results and quick recaps.




120 lbs: Valerie Coolbaugh def. Felice Herrig by Split Decision

– In trademark Lil’ Bulldog fashion Herrig came out aggressive with kicks and punches but Coolbaugh managed to get Felice into the clinch.  Fight hit the ground where Herrig nearly locked in a triangle choke, then transitioned to the arm bar.  Coolbaugh defended and in the ensuing scramble found herself in position for what appeared to be a reverse triangle, but time ran out.  Majority of the second was spent in the clinch where Coolbaugh effectively kept Felice against the cage while they both traded knees and punches.  Late in the round Felice managed a body lock trip takedown to land in Valerie’s half guard.  But before Herrig could effectively work any ground and pound the bell sounded.  Third round Felice again opened aggressive with her strikes but Valerie managed to get the clinch.  Felice eventually managed a double leg takedown and finished the fight working ground and pound inside Valerie’s guard.  It seems Coolbaugh watched the video of Felice’s last fight and followed a similiar game plan of keeping the fight in the clinch against the cage.  However, unlike Iman Achhal, Coolbaugh stayed busy throwing knees and punches which likely made the difference in the judges eyes.

170 lbs:  Craigh Kaufman def. Chuck Parmelee by Submission(strikes) @ Rd.1

– Fight hits the ground with Kaufman working Parmelee against the fence landing several hard shots from top position.  Kaufman never lets up on the pressure, continuing to connect till Parmelee decides to tap the canvas.

205 lbs:  William Hill def. Justin McElfresh by Split Decision

– Hill managed to pin McElfresh against the cage and land some knees before using a body lock trip takedown to get it on the ground.  Hill works ground and pound from inside McElfresh’s guard, but Justin does manage to fight back landing some punches from the bottom.  Second round it’s Justin getting the takedown and he manages to land some hard shots to both the body and head of William.  McElfresh able to do most of his work postured up as William lays flat on his back and appearing tired.  McElfresh falls back to attempt a heel hook and Hill defends by rolling and eventually getting top position.  McElfresh abandons the submission attempt and in the ensuing scramble Hill ends up in side control when the round ends.  In the third this one hit the ground again with Hill landing in McElfresh’s guard.  The pace now slows as both guys seem tired, however Hill manages to stay busy working head and body shots.  The action returns to the feet where both trade single strikes until the final bell where Justin sneaks in a 1-2 combination.  In the end Hill walks away with the “W.”

185 lbs: Ryan Sturdy def. Teddie Duane Worthington by Unanimous Decision

– The story of this match is effective ground and pound.  “Sturdy” was good way of describing Ryan’s top game from inside the gaurd.  Although Worthington did come close the nailing an arm bar, this was pretty much all Sturdy.  He landed hard shots and was working Worthington all along the side of the cage.

170 lbs:  Ryan Williams def. Jason Bowling by Submission (rear naked choke) @ 3:23 of Rd.1

– After a good exchange Williams puts Bowling down with a straight left right on the chin.  On the ground Williams works to side mount and then secures Bowling’s back.  The tap would come later as Ryan successfully works his arm under Jason’s chin for the  rear naked choke.

155 lbs:   Patrick Curran def. Daniel Strauss by TKO (strikes) @ 1:31 of Rd. 2

– Curran lands a nice right hand before both lock up in the clinch.  Both fighters working knees and dirty boxing as they jockey all along the fence.  First round stands as a good exhibition of clinchfighting.  Second round Strauss kept the pace fast with several head kick attempts, all blocked by Curran.  After a brief exchange Curran lands a right cross that drops Strauss.  Patrick follows to the ground looking for the the finish but the ref steps in to stop it.  Spectacular win for Curran as he earns the first knockout of his professional career.

170 lbs:  Brent Mehrehoff def. Jay Buck  by Submission (triangle choke) @ :58 or Rd.3

– Majority of the fight spent on the ground with Mehrehoff locking in a tight triangle putting Buck to sleep before he could tap.

The Mike Lullo/Jerry Brown and John Hosman vs. Robert Menigoz fights did not happen because Brown and Menigoz pulled out late due to injuries.  Hosman and Lullo are looking to fight on the May 2 at  XFO 30 in New Munster, WI.

**Sanctioning Body: Illinois State Professional Athletic Unit**

Patrick Curran Photo Courtesy: www.x-fighting.tv

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