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Let’s ring in the new year with a laugh. You may or may not have watched “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency” at some point in your life. You may recall this memorable and hilarious scene when the show did an episode with the now defunct International Fight League. In the scene, South side native Rory Markham makes the most of what could have been an embarrassing situation.

Did the young girl overreact when Rory “hung out” on stage after she dropped his towel? Perhaps, or perhaps not. She’s a big girl, and assumptions aside, that is not the first time she’s seen the male figure up close. Run and cry little girl, but doing so in skimpy ring girl clothes does little to garner my sympathy.

The fact Rory can laugh the stunt off says much about his confidence and poise. The current UFC welterweight earns even more points for having to put up with has-been Janice Dickinson and her prickly remarks. Although the D-list diva may have had a friendlier moment if Rory had her workin’ “deez” instead. Maybe a “deez-arce choke?” OK, I’ll stop. Enjoy!

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