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Results from Chicago Cagefighting Championship on October 16th at the Odeum in Villa Park.

Rick Johnson vs. James Gleissner

Gleissner showed great wrestling and had a few catches. But after a takedown in the 2nd round, the 6’6″ 260lb. Johnson reversed position and pounded out Gleissner. Johnson via TKO- Ref Stoppage due to strikes, 1:25 round 2.

Colton Martin vs. PJ Cajigas

Cajigas landed an early knee to the body and had a takedown in round 1. They slugged it out from there and Martin had a late takedown. Cajigas won the round. In round 2, Martin landed two heavy right hands that somehow didn’t faze Cajigas. Cajigas unleashed a barrage of strikes and eventually took down Martin, mounted him and got him in the crucifix position. He pounded on him until the ref stepped in to stop it at 1:23 of round 2

Kris Blainey vs. Nate Patrick

Patrick picked up where he left off when we last saw him in DeKalb at the Body Lock/APFC “No Mercy” event. Patrick tapped gloves with Blainey then slammed him to the ground to start the fight. He immediately got side control and spent most of the round improving his position, hunting for subs and landing strikes. It was all Patrick in round 1. Round 2 began the same as round 1 — Patrick slammed Blainey and got full mount. He unleashed about ten unanswered strikes before the ref stepped in and stopped it at 1:24 of round 2.

Nic Thompson vs. Matt Hong

Just moments before the fight, Hong’s cornerman leans in and tells us, “I don’t even know this guy. I just met him about 10 minutes ago.” Nevertheless, Hong showed himself to be extremely game. He took some serious right hands from Thompson and kept going. They were huge strikes that would have felled most fighters. Later in the round Thompson cracked Hong again with a right, but Hong countered with his own right hand that sent Thompson to the ground. Hong rushed in, but Thompson tied him up, reversed and secured the mount. From there he punished Hong with strikes and bloodied his face. Hong hung in there until the ref stepped in to stop it at 2:09 of round 1.

Bryan Fielder vs. Adam Ward

Bryan “The Hostile Pentacostal” Fielder was initially supposed to fight Mike Santiago. Santiago had to withdraw and Gilbert Grappling’s Adam Ward took the fight on just about two weeks notice. And Ward was just too much for Fielder on this night.

Ward caught a rear naked choke early and worked it the entire round. His grappling and position held Fielder on the ground for almost the entire first round. In round 2 Ward was again extremely aggressive with his wrestling and it paid off. Fielder had no answer for the takedowns of Ward. Round 3 they slugged it out a bit, but Ward dominated those exchanges and again had Fielder on his back. Fielder is left a bloody mess, and Ward wins via unanimous decision.

Ray Grindstaff vs. Dennis Dombrow

Grindstaff was making his pro debut and started out aggressively. But Dombrow worked him to the ground and repeatedly looked for triangles. He locked one in late in the round and also took Grindstaff’s arm. Grindstaff eventually tapped, but he should have done so sooner. He lay on the ground writhing in pain for a few minutes after the end of the bout. Thankfully, he was able to stand for the official announcement and left under his own power.

It was also Dombrow’s pro debut. The 145-pounder out of MTC in Schaumburg notches his first pro win at the Chicago Cagefighting Championship just a few months after competing as an amateur in the same promotion. He displayed a slick ground game, securing a heel hook early in the round and then finishing with the devastating sub at 4:46 of the first.

German Reyes vs. Frank Pizzirulli

Reyes was making his first appearance back in the cage since 2007. That’s a long layoff but you never would have known it watching him fight against Pizzirulli. Reyes exuded extreme calm and had his way with “The Strength”. He spent nearly all of round 1 on top of Pizzirulli. Round 2 was also all Reyes, with Pizzirulli seemingly not wanting to engage. His corner, including Strikeforce fighter Louis Taylor, seemed discouraged that Pizzirulli would not bring it to Reyes. Round 3 saw Pizzirulli work harder, but Reyes eventually landed a triangle at the end of the round. Pizzirulli survived, but Reyes won a unanimous decision in a very impressive performance.

Ryan Williams vs. Ryan Bixler

XFO welterweight champion Ryan Williams looked great in all aspects of his game on this night. Williams dominated the first round, both in striking and on the ground. Round 2 was closer with Bixler providing more of an attack, but Williams still won the round. I thought that Bixler might have taken round 3, but all the judges scored it 30-27 in favor of Williams. It was an impressive performance or Williams against a very experienced fighter in Bixler. It was the second straight victory for Williams.

Nick Rossborough vs. Jason Guida

This was a battle of two very experienced fighters. Guida had the home crowd cheering relentlessly for him. But Rossborough was relentless in his pursuit of Guida. “Leatherface” controlled the pace of the fight and commandeered the cage, working Guida for three rounds. Rossborough’s length and quickness were too much for Guida. Guida, of course showed his gameness, and brought it all three rounds. But in the end Rossborough took the victory via unanimous decision.

Mikey Lullo vs. Tyler Combs

The co-main event of the card, and it lived up to its billing with some thrilling action and frantic pace. Combs had no answer for Lullo in this fight. Lullo won the majority of the exchanges and was able to take down Combs when he wanted to. A slick rubber guard kept Combs in the fight. But in the 3rd round Lullo locked up Combs arm and he had to tap. A very impressive performance by Lullo, who looks like he improves with every bout. Lullo wins by submission via armbar at 1:17 of the 3rd round.

Jared McMahan vs.Chase Beebe

Making his 3rd fight in just over 30 days didn’t prove to be a problem for former WEC champ Chase Beebe. Beebe was just too quick and powerful for McMahan. Beebe floored McMahan with a right and violently turned him into a guillotine that left McMahan out on the floor. Beebe needed just over a minute to beat McMahan.

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