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XFO 38 - Jens Pulver

Results from XFO 38 at Harley Davidson Woodstock in Woodstock, IL, January 22, 2011

Pro Results
Will Brooks def. JR Hines, TKO/Ref stoppage, 2:09, round 1
Joey Diehl def. Dexter Wright, Tap/RNC, 2:53, round 1
Mike Corey def. Thomas Ahrens, unanimous decision: 30-27, 30-26, 30-26
Jens Pulver def. Mike Lindquist, Tap/RNC, 0:49, round 1

Amateur Results
Tim LaGray def. Richard Martin, TKO-Strikes/Ref Stoppage, 1:43, round 3
Vince Romadine def. Jake Gilski, Tap/RNC, 1:38, round 1
Tyler Reece def. Mike “Baby Shaq” Blake, TKO-Strikes, :14, round 1
Andre Feliciano def. Zach Tuneberg, Tap/Guillotine, :48, round 1
Scott “The Hebrew Hammer” Goldberg def. Mike Upson, Tap/Armbar, :09, round 1
Zak Ottow def. Kyle Schlise, Tap, 1:26, round 2
Johnny Otzleberger def. Mikey Phillips, TKO-Strikes, :21, round 1
Phil Williams def. Kevin Switalla by unanimous decision
David Williams def. Brett Hedrington by TKO at :48,  round 1
Bobby Froney def. Brian “The Jelly Roll” Giles, TKO-Strikes, :46, round 1
Talin Bostic def. Brian Tomac, Tap/RNC, 1:32, round 1
John Fuller def. Jason Bottenhagen, Tap/RNC, 1:36, round 2
Tommy LaGray def. Nick Santiago, Tap/Keylock, 1:45, round 2
Cory Price def. Don Singleton, unanimous decision
Antonio Luna def. Nick Horne, Tap/RNC, :39, round 1
Cory Galloway def. Jerad Karlen, Tap/Triangle, 2:22, round 1
Kenny “The Gorilla” Booker def. Asmar “Bad Guy” Pace, KO/Knee, 2:24, round 1
Daniel Szwab def. Tony Campen, TKO-Strikes, :14, round 1
Robert Couillard def. Darius Yancy, TKO-Strikes/Ref Stoppage at 0:23 of round 1

Knockout of the Night: Robert Couillard

Submission of the Night: Cory Galloway

Fight of the Night: Kenny Booker vs. Asmar Pace

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