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Dan Downes submitted Tory Bogguess in the first round of their NAFC fight on Friday night. We showed you Downes’ pre and post-fight tweets, but Bogguess was busy doing some tweeting of his own. He cried foul at Downes and Al Wickers, the ref in the bout.

Tory Bogguess Tweets

We asked Downes if he wanted to respond to Bogguess’ inflammatory tweets and he did.

“I attribute his words to simply to disappointment”, Downes said. “He had a big opportunity in this fight. Beating me would have given him a big boost and put him on the radar. He came out strong and locked in a submission that he thought he was going to finish me. He lost the hold, I reversed and ended up submitting him. He felt that he was close to victory, lost it, and is now lashing out.”

“Al Wickers is a tremendous referee. He’s reffed numerous high profiles fights and high profile promotions. It’s terrible that he would question his integrity. Like most sports, though, the easiest target to go after is the referee.”

“Last night people were telling me various other statements he was making. The one that really made me laugh was his claim that I was already “out” in his submission and the ref didn’t stop it. My only question is that if I did indeed pass out in his submission, and he still kept the submission locked in, how did I escape? Zombie powers?”

“It’s sad that he has to respond in such a way, but I understand. Whenever my girlfriend beats me at Jenga I get really upset, then I write an angry letter to Parker Brothers.”

Downes moved to 8-1 after the win on Friday night, and his next fight should take place in the Octagon. And when he’s done with fighting, he certainly has a gig waiting for him in color commentary, or perhaps even stand-up comedy.

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