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Frank Mir Is Not a Problem


So let me get this straight — Frank Mir knocks out the legendary Cro Cop then puts a beating on Roy Nelson — who’s only been knocked out once in his career — and Dana White is unhappy with Mir?

Mir is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC, whether he is winning or losing. Joe Rogan commented during the UFC 130 broadcast that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has one of the best highlight reels in all of MMA. Truth. Guess who else has a great one? Frank Mir.

Mir has knocked out legends in Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Cro Cop, submitted Brock Lesnar, out-struck Cheick Kongo then choked him out, and in one of the most replayed clips in MMA history, made Tim Sylvia’s arm go snap, crackle, pop.

He’s constantly evolving as a martial artist. When Mir’s striking was a liability in his game, he worked on it relentlessly. He’s no longer considered deficient in that area. When he thought he was too small to hang with massive UFC heavyweights like Carwin and Lesnar, he started bulking up. When he admitted to himself that his wrestling was horrible (paraphrase of his words), he worked on it. He’s always in shape and could headline almost any card.

Mir has been fervent about his desire to reclaim the heavyweight title, even after taking two tremendous beatings from Lesnar and Carwin. Lesnar has already had a one-year layoff and he’ll have another one after his recent surgery. Nelson is game, but is proving to be a one-round fighter. Carwin has had only 3 fights since March of 2009. The current champion, Cain Velasquez, is on the shelf with an injury. Mir keeps on keeping on, working toward yet another title shot. He’s all in.

It’s fine that White expects a lot out of Mir. He’s a former champion and he’s counted on to bring it every time. But after White re-watches the Mir/Nelson fight, I’m hoping he’ll realize that Mir had a great performance. Mir is definitely a fighter that should be celebrated.

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Matt Lo Cascio is the co-founder and editor of Chicago's MMA. He is the former play-by-play announcer for the XFO and other organizations, and he has been published by ESPN.com, DraftKings, The Comeback, FanSided, and more.

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