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Rampage Jackson howls in the UFC

Fans of MMA have never had it better than in recent years, with the sport emerging from the sidelines to being a full-fledged mainstream sport. Top UFC fighters are now household names and the sport has broken out as one of the fastest-growing sports, with millions of fans around the world keeping tabs on big UFC fights and other events through pay per view broadcasts, dedicated fan forums and websites, and interviews and MMA news from major sports publications. US casinos in Vegas such as Mandalay Bay, MGM, and the Palms Casino have all hosted recent UFC events, drawing tens of thousands of fans.

Many MMA fans — both newcomers and veteran fans alike — don’t always realize that they can now bet on nearly every major UFC event, and can do so even if they don’t live in Vegas. In the past it was much more difficult to place a wager on MMA but the growing popularity has spilled over to sportsbooks. Only a handful of sportsbooks offered MMA betting in the past but now every major sportsbook not only offers MMA betting but also provides betting lines on all the fights at an event, and not just the headline match.

It’s also much easier to actually place a bet, as online sportsbooks make the process simple and convenient, even if you’ve never placed a bet before. Some players are hesitant about the safety of their money when gambling online but the reality is that major online sportsbooks are fully licensed and regulated, with many operated by brick-and-mortar bookmakers and sportsbetting firms that trade publicly on the London Stock Exchange and other markets around the world. If you stick to playing at reputable, licensed sites, your money is completely and utterly safe, with any money won paid out very promptly.

Another perk of wagering on MMA online is that you’ll also have access to casino games, poker, bingo, and other gambling games. Most sportsbetting sites also offer a wide range of other games for customers to enjoy, with all the games accessible from one single account for the maximum in convenience and fun.

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