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Fight Tour Rockford: Felice Herrig, Tim Sylvia


Felice Herrig

Fight Tour will take place August 20th at the Metro Centre in Rockford. The card and date has changed a few times, but it’s going down next Saturday. Here’s a rundown of the pro card.

– Former UFC heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia will take on Patrick Barrentine in the main event. Barrentine hasn’t fought in almost two years, but he is a submission specialist that could potentially give Sylvia problems if the fight hits the ground.

Sylvia needs a win after losing to former TUF contestant Abe Wagner at Titan 16. He’s been lobbying to get back into the UFC and a loss to Barrentine would derail those plans indefinitely.

– Felice Herrig will fight Kelly Warren. The “L’il Bulldog” has settled into a nice groove since moving to Team Curran. She’s won 5 of her last 6 fights and two straight. She’ll face the undefeated Warren (3-0) who fights out of Jackson MMA. They have a common opponent in Amanda LaVoy, with both Herrig and Warren getting wins against her.

– UFC and King of the Cage vet LaVerne Clark will take on former UFC fighter Sean Salmon.

The event will also have live music. Rockford’s ‘The Pimps’ are scheduled to perform at the show, and Drowning Pool will also perform.

Tickets can be purchased at www.metrocentre.com or at the Metro Centre Box office located at 300 Elm Street in Rockford, Illinois.

Pro Card:
Tim Sylvia vs Patrick Barrentine
Shayne Adams vs William Penn
Felice Herrig vs Kelly Warren
Laverne Clark vs Sean Salmon
Nate McCoy vs Ruddy Gray

Amateur Card:
Jose Leiva vs Jason Powell
Chad Aldrich vs Dilon Berg
Kevin Burke vs Dustin Howell
Josue Lugo vs Herculanno Decosta
Allen Zuelke vs Travonta Collins
Robert Covey vs Douglas Deback
Derrick Williams vs Kurstan Davenport
Emma O’Connor vs TBD
Demond Wade vs TBD

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