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Five UFC Fights For Fedor


Fedor Emelianenko shadowboxingThe rumors about Fedor coming to the UFC are likely exaggerated. But it’s still intriguing to most fight fans, even after his three straight defeats. Fedor recently notched his first win in over two years by beating Jeff Monson. If you don’t think that Fedor is still UFC-worthy, tell that to Monson. According to Monson, Fedor broke his femur and ruptured his patella tendon. Ask Dan Henderson. Fedor rocked Hendo before he was caught by that uppercut.

Would he come into the UFC and be a contender? Not necessarily. But there are still some fights that would make sense, make the UFC money and thrill fans. Here are 5 of them.

Fedor vs. Fabricio Werdum

I would bet a HUGE chunk of coin that Fedor would win in a rematch with Werdum. There’s no way he would approach Werdum the same way he did when he was submitted by him in June of 2010. Fedor would pummel him in the standup. Werdum would have to come back to the UFC, but with Strikeforce seemingly dead that shouldn’t pose any problem.

Fedor vs. Brock Lesnar

Brock LesnarConventional wisdom — and I’m not saying I agree — is that Lesnar will lose to Overeem at UFC 141. How absolutely insane would it be for Fedor to sign with the UFC and step into the Octagon against Lesnar for his first fight? The people at TopBet Sportsbook would have their heads, servers and bankrolls explode. You don’t think that would set some PPV records?

Fedor vs. Overeem

Alistair OvereemLet’s say that Brock Lesnar beats Overeem. The exact same scenario from above could take place with Overeem, especially since he would not be ready for a title shot, or even the top contender at that point. These two should have fought many years ago. I still believe that people are overrating Overeem. An all-out brawl with Fedor? Yes, please!

Fedor vs. Cro Cop

Cro CopCro Cop keeps mentioning retirement but you can bet your life he’d love a rematch with Fedor — and so would the fans. Cro Cop had Fedor reeling in the first round of their 2005 PRIDE battle, but Fedor came back to win the bout by unanimous decision. They are both still willing to brawl and a rematch would be epic, even at their advanced age.

Fedor vs. Roy Nelson

Roy NelsonI like this match stylistically. They both like to throw bombs and they both have different types of ground games. Fedor is more ground and pound while Nelson is a BJJ black belt. They would no doubt throw down in the center of the Octagon, but when Nelson gets rocked or runs low on gas he likes to shoot on his opponents. The fight would then get to the ground with either Fedor taking the top and pounding away or Big Country working subs until he catches Fedor or the fight gets back to standing.

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