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Dan Downes on UFC Cut, Future in MMA


Danny Boy Downes Interview

Chicago’s Danny Boy Downes was recently cut from the UFC after two straight losses. The Roufusport fighter found out last week in a rather unique way. He spoke to Chicago’s MMA about that and what’s next for him in MMA with his usual candor and comedy.

Chicago’s MMA: What’s next? Have you received any calls, or is there anywhere or anyone in particular you’d like to fight?
Dan Downes: Right now I’m just assessing my options. Not sure what road I want to take.  It’s probably too late to get some seasonal work at Macy’s or Best Buy so I’ll have to think of something else.
Chicago’s MMA: You’ve fought in Milwaukee plenty of times, what about coming back to Chicago and fighting in the XFO or Chicago Cagefighting Championship?
Dan Downes: I’d be down for that. Again, I just have to assess my career and goals right now.  The wound is still kind of fresh so I think a little time will give me some better perspective.
Chicago’s MMA: How exactly does one receive the news from the UFC? Do they contact your agent or manager?
Dan Downes: They contact your manager and then your manager calls you. Unfortunately for me, though, I found out by text. My manager meant to text his business partner and accidentally sent it to me before he called me. Grabbing your phone and seeing “Danny Boy got cut,” isn’t the best.  So to any guy that has broken up with a girl via text, you’re a total A-hole.
Chicago’s MMA: Did you see this coming? It seems like it happened a while after your last fight. Any reason for the delay?
Dan Downes: I thought it was going to happen after the Nijem fight.  After a couple of weeks passed, though, I thought I was in the clear.  I figured that maybe I’d get a chance to fight at the United Center.  I couldn’t tell you why there was a delay.  I’d like to know that answer myself.
Chicago’s MMA: Is it your goal to get back to the UFC or do you just want to keep fighting wherever you can?
Dan Downes: If I decide to keep fighting, my only goal will be to get back into the UFC. I’m not going to be one of those guys that just bounces from regional show to show just to pick up a couple of small checks and fight every two weeks. If I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it right.
Chicago’s MMA: Will you consider a cut to a lower weight class?
Dan Downes: I’d consider cutting down another weight class. That’s not always the answer, though. My last few weight cuts have gone pretty smoothly so it’s a question of would it be better to make myself a bigger 155 lb fighter or drop down to 145.  With the holidays coming up, I just hope I have enough discipline to not eat myself to middleweight.

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