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Novaes Drops Decision to Reynolds at XFC 15


Jonatas Novaes XFC 15

Jonatas Novaes had his way with Eric Reynolds in round one of their XFC 15 bout on Friday night, but he couldn’t sustain the pace in a unanimous decision loss.

Novaes came out and took Reynolds to the ground and easily passed into full mount. He looked to move into s-mount, but Reynolds bucked him off and the fight got stood up.

Novaes immediately got Reynolds back to the ground and went right back to top position, looking for subs. He achieved full mount three times in the first two minutes of the fight, prompting play-by-play man Michael “The Voice” Schiavello to comment that Novaes had, “More moves than U-Haul”.

Reynolds wriggled put of an armbar attempt and started scoring with some strikes, but the round ended. It was clearly Novaes’ round.

But all that work in the first might have gassed Novaes. He did not keep his hands up during the round, leaving them hanging almost straight down. Reynolds seized on that, landing a solid right-hand that clearly stunned Novaes, who shook his head as if to say it didn’t hurt him. But Reynolds tagged him again with an uppercut that dropped Novaes. Reynolds jumped on him and started firing away.

That’s when some confusion started. The round had ended and the ref was trying to get Reynolds off of Novaes. Reynolds thought he had won via stoppage, and his corner came into the cage to celebrate. The ref then repeatedly told them that it was only the end of the round and both corners got ready for the third. Still, Reynolds had clearly found his range and took the round.

The third round started and Novaes landed a nice high kick, but Reynolds wiped off his arm to some laughs from the crowd. Reynolds continued to land shots, with Novaes looking gassed. He continually tried to pull guard but Reynolds kept waving him up. After several of these flops to the ground, the crowd started booing Novaes in earnest.

But the round wasn’t over yet. Near the last minute of the round Novaes again got top position and cinched a tight head and arm choke on Reynolds. But somehow Reynolds was able to escape. Novaes almost pulled off the sub, but the round expired.

Reynolds won via unanimous decision, 29-28 on all of the judges cards. Novaes’ 4-fight winning streak is ended, and he falls to 9-4 in his career.

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