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Suckerpunch’s Butler-Au Still Packs a Punch


Brian Butler-Au at CSC 32

Remember those commercials where the guy gives the hair restoration pitch and then at the end reveals that, “I’m not only the president…I’m also a client”? It’s kind of like that for Suckerpunch president Brian Butler-Au.

No, I’m not talking about his hair — he has a thick, natural coif as far as we can tell from seeing him at events — but not only is he the president of Suckerpunch Entertainment, he’s also a fighter.

Butler-Au heads up Suckerpunch, and they represent some big name fighters, including Pat Barry, Jeff Curran, Pat Curran, Felice Herrig and many more. But watch him do work in the ring at CSC 32 Battleware Fighting Championships in Richmond, Virginia a few weeks ago.

A very impressive performance for the 40-year old Butler-Au. If you’d like to get repped by Suckerpunch, visit their website: suckerpunchent.com/

And since I mentioned the ‘Hair Club for Men’ guy, I suppose I should show you that vid too.

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