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XFO 44 Results



The fighters on the card for XFO 44 provided a good night of competition despite the fact the biggest name on the promotional poster was referee “Big” John McCarthy.  Lightweight Will Brooks put on another dominant performance continuing his hype as the next figure to likely break out of the Chicagoland MMA scene and onto a bigger stage.  The night also saw former WEC Champion Chase Beebe make a successful return to the XFO after nearly six years away.

155 Pounds:  Will Brooks def. Taureen Bogguess via ref stoppage(strikes) at 4:20 of round one.

Brooks spent a majority of the round keeping Bogguess on his back while unleashing strikes from the top.   As the round approached the final minute the MTC lightweight unleashed some brutal knees to the body of his grounded opponent followed by punches and “Big” John McCarthy made the wise decision to end the fight.  Bogguess was seen rubbing his diaphragm as he left the cage showing how powerful Brooks’ knees were.  Local MMA fans are calling  for Brooks, a Gurnee native, to get a shot at the UFC.

155 Pounds:  Mike Budnik def. Brandon Adamson via submission(guillotine choke) at 4:30 of round one.

TUF 12 alum and former X Games standout Mike Budnik showcased some solid Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills against Brandon Adamson.  Budnik took Adamson down at the start and spent the first part of the round on the back of the Miletich Fighting Systems product trying to lock in a choke.  Adamson eventually got back to his feet but Budnik was relentless with his attack and sunk in a guillotine to earn the win.  Budnik had quite a showing of support as many students and friends from his gym, Triton MMA in Woodstock, came out to give him quite an ovation.

145 Pounds:  Chase Beebe def. Mike Baskis via unanimous decision.

Chase Beebe was supposed to fight Jeff Golden in the co-main event, but promoter Dan Lardy had to make a change and Beebe took on Mike Baskis instead.   Baskis trains in downstate Illinois with Mark Fiore.  Beebe displayed his trademark ground and pound attack, but also had some good moments on the feet in the second round.  He landed some solid right hands and showed a willingness to showcase his boxing and keep it standing.  Beebe earned a unanimous decision victory.

135 Pounds:  Jerald Williams def. Phil Williams via split decision.

Pro MMA fights here in Chicago take on more interest when the combatants are from area gyms.  Jerald Williams, from Team No Ego in Oswego, took on Phil Williams from Team Curran in Crystal Lake.  Most of the action saw Phil fending off takedown attempts from Jerald with some striking by both combatants mixed in.  Phil Williams chained together a nice sequence near the end of the second round when he went from a step-over kimura attempt into mount, and eventually slid into an arm triangle.  But Gerald managed to hang on till the bell.  The third round saw the intensity pick up as both fighters knew it was close on the scorecards.  Most of the action took place against the cage with each combatant either locked up in the clinch jockeying for position and takedowns, or letting off bursts of furious punching exchanges.  There were a couple times when Phil Williams had to cover up with his back to the cage as Jerald unleashed a barrage.  In the end the Team No Ego fighter  had his hand raised in victory.   Justin Hanlin(trainer from Kapap Combatives in Highwood) sat by me during this fight and he noted Jerald Williams’ flurries likely made the difference in the eyes of the two judges who scored it for him.

135 Pounds: Josh Killion def. Chris Haney via submission(armbar) at 4:42 of round one.

Good Jiu Jitsu displayed by both fighters.  Haney had the advantage early achieving the mount position on Killion.  But Killion showed good composure and with some mobile hip work secured an armbar from the bottom.   Haney, repping Team No Ego, showed good defense preventing Killion from extending and finishing the move.  Haney tried several times to slam his way out of the lock, but Killion managed to keep his grip on the arm.  Haney stayed composed and forced Killion up against the cage and eventually freed his arm, taking Killion’s back in the process.  Killion forced a scramble and briefly found himself locked in a triangle choke attempt by Haney.  Killion, representing the VIP D-Boyz and fighting out of Defiance, OH, worked out of the choke and passed to half-guard.  Haney worked to get to his feet but left his neck open, giving Killion the opportunity to pull him into a front headlock.  Killion brought it back to the mat attempting a guillotine choke which Haney defended.  In the ensuing scramble Killion found himself in position to try the armbar again, this time belly down.  Haney tried to work around to counter the move, but Killion had a tight grip and it appeared Haney’s arm had popped.  Referee  Rob Madrigone stopped it with :18 left on the clock.

Amateur Results:

Nate Beach def. Kenny Hulbert via TKO 2:58 round three

Charlie Radtke def.  Stephen Von Aulock via submission(D’arce choke) 2:47 round one

Bobby Moffett def. Trevor Rose via TKO :31 round one

Bob Hastings def Bill Mayer via KO 1:24 round one

Justin Seeberger def. Giovanni Gaut via submission 1:35 round one

by L.J. Tabano


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