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Flawless FC Debuts with Fight of the Year Candidate


Flawless FC

Flawless FC made its debut Saturday night at the UIC Forum in Chicago and wasted no time in producing a “Fight of the Year” candidate. Gilbert Grappling’s Adam Ward and Macedonian fighter Oliver Petrovski shook the house.

The crowd went wild for this fight from the walkouts. Petrovski had a huge fan base that came with Macedonian flags and loud chants that echoed throughout the UIC Forum. Ward came out with both the American and Illinois state flags.

Local fighter Jason Belyew covered the fights for Chicago’s MMA.

“All I can say is that this was by far the best fight I have ever seen live,” Belyew said. Both fighters fought with heart and soul trading strike after strike, leg kicks, knees, takedowns…there was scrambling, wrestling, grappling. There was absolutely NOTHING boring about this fight at all.”

But the action came to a halt at 2:31 of the third round, as Petrovski verbally submitted due to a nasty cut on forehead due to a knee strike from Ward.

“Adam Ward and Oliver Petrovski brought me back to why I love this sport,” Belyew added. Tthey held nothing back! It was the best, well-rounded, fast-paced fight I have seen all year. Forget Fight of the Night — I say Fight of the Year!”

Belyew will fight Jason Huebbe at the Lake County Sports Centre on August 25th.

Local fighter Josh Estrada, who will make his pro debut at XFO’s Outdoor War on August 18th, agreed with Belyew.

“Best fight I have seen all year,” Estrada said.

Both fighters thought the fights were great, but added that Flawless had some organizational hiccups.

“I think that Flawless FC had very good production in regard to lighting, video and such, but as far as organization they need some work,” Estrada said.

Here are the rest of the results from Flawless FC 1.

Lisa McCallam vs Maria Messer

It was UK vs USA in this bout as both women came out ready to bang, landing strikes and combos back and forth for all three rounds. Tough fight with Lisa McCallam landing brutal inside leg kicks that made me say ouch, yet Maria Messer still pressed forward, staying in the face of McCallam the whole time while showing a stellar chin and great heart.

Lisa McCallam Defeats Maria Messer via unanimous decision.

Jason “The Reaper” Graves vs Ryan Dickson

This bout was USA vs Canada. Both fighters came out touching gloves and showing great sportsmanship. Dickson takes Graves down works into mount Graves turns to get out and gets caught in the rear naked choke.

Ryan Dickson defeats Jason Graves via Rear Naked Choke 1:46 into Round 1.

Maurice Greene vs Ed Carpenter
Two local fighters going head to head in this bout and going the distance. The fight was back and forth with Greene getting the better of the striking due to his reach, Carpenter pressing and powering forward taking Greene down almost at will. Greene does a good job at defending, limiting Carpenter’s ground and pound and strikes from the top.

Ed Carpenter defeats Maurice Greene- unanimous decision after a controversial call and mistake having to overturn the decision in order for Carpenter to receive the win.

Jake O’Brien vs Miodrag Petkovic
The fight starts with both fighters touching and O’Brien immediately going for a takedown. Petkovic clearly wanted to strike and keep the fight standing only to be put on his back for trying to do so. O’Brien administers ground and pound. Rounds 1-2-3 were practically all the same – O’Brien controlling fight from the ground and Petkovic trying to fight his way up to his feet.

Jake O’Brien defeats Miodrag Petkovic via unanimous decision.

Egidijus Valavicius vs Eric Hammerich

Hammerich presses forward with strikes and gets the takedown, tries to work some ground and pound and gets caught in an armbar.

Egidijus Valavicius defeats Eric Hammerich :58 into Round 1 via Armbar

Amateur Fights:
Matt Wilcox defeats David Gallegos by unanimous decision
Kenny Jordan defeats Andrew Bowers, submission by rear naked choke at 1:16, round 1.

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