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XFO 45 Results


Results from XFO 45, Outdoor War 8 in Island Lake, IL on August 18, 2012.


XFO 45 - Outdoor War 8Camile Broda defeats Huber- 1:38 into Round 1 RNC.
Ricky Stanton defeats Alex Hulbert- 1:24 into Round 3 via Armbar.
Samuel Horowitz defeats Robert Findlay- 2:36 into Round 1 (Americana)
Wes Anderson defeats Daniel James- (Unanimous Decision 29/28)
Charlie Richardson defeats John Bridgeman- :56 into Round 1 Armbar
John Parrish defeats Kyle Pallone-2:56 into Round 1 RN choke
Vince Nicoline defeats Dillon Ginter-1:24 into Round 1 (Referee Stoppage due to strikes)
Mark Millare defeats Curtis Campbell-1:32 into Round 1 Guillotine
Tyler McGuirre defeats Kevin Hunt-2:27 into Round 2 RN Choke.
Nate Bench defeats Diego Cruz-2:32 into Round 1 Neck Crank Submisson (TITLE FIGHT)
Dinsio Gilbert defeats Vince DeCicco (Split Decision).


Phil Williams vs. Brandon Wood (135lb Division)
Fight starts with both fighters touching gloves and exchanging jabs before Williams lands a vicious head kick that surprisingly didn’t lay Wood out. Wood pressed forward and tried to stand but Williams kept setting him up with leg kicks to the inside as well as outside taking away his base slowly- the fight ends when Williams unloads a flurry of punches forcing the referee to stop the fight 3:35 into the 1st Round due to Strikes.

Quartus Stitt vs. Jared Bailey (185lb Division)
Both fighters come out circling to trying to gauge their distance with a jab or two before Stitt explodes forward with a Jab, cross followed up by a cross hook backing Bailey up against cage-Bailey changes levels to grab a hold of Stitt in order to control him and the grappling begins, Bailey picks up Stitt and slams him down to mat and losing his grip in process both fighters scramble toward one another, Bailey takes Stitt down again and trys to administer some ground and pound when Stitt attempts an armbar-Bailey pulls out and gets back on top trying to pound out Stitt, Stitt patiently awaits for his opportunity and like a spider and its prey and catches Bailey 1:50 into Round 1 via Armbar Submission.

Cory Galloway defeats Damien Jeffro (145lb Division)
Fight starts with both fighters exchanging early, Jeffro is smashing Galloway with his stand up, landing jabs and crosses catching Galloway left and right. Galloway defends and shows a true warrior spirit circling and still pressing forward despite taking damage. Suddenly the fight takes a dramatic turn as both fighters grapple to get the dominant position from off of the cage, Jeffro gets the top position and starts to land punches when Galloway out of nowhere slaps a triangle choke on Jeffro ending the fight 3:52 into Round 1 via Triangle Choke Submission.

Mackens Semerzier vs. Will Serment (145lb Division)
After ref explains rules he tells fighters to touch gloves – Semerzier turns his back on Serment and walks back to his corner. The bell sounds and Semerzier comes right out to center as does Sermert and the battle begins!

Both fighters standing in the pocket not afraid to bang, Semezier catches Sermert with a jab-cross, Serment recovers and circles out. Semerzier presses forward unleashing punch and kick combos and Serment returns the favor countering and circling away from a dominant Semerzier. The round ends with both fighters looking equally ready to come back for more.

Semerzier comes out more aggressive in round 2 landing some low leg kicks as he did in the first. The fight hits the ground and Semerzier sinks in a darce choke ending the fight 1:15 into Round 2.

XFO 45 was a great event showcasing a lot of local talent, both amateur and professional.

Unfortunately a lot of the pro fights were scratched due to injury, including the Jeff Curran.

Curran displayed his class and heart in an interview with Ray Flores at the event, promising to return to the cage and bring a show like he always does.

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