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Chuck Giles, Fighter Diary: Two Weeks Out


Chuck Giles

Chuck Giles is a local amateur that fights at 125 lbs. His next bout will take place on December 20 for Fight Card Entertainment at Joe’s on Weed. Here’s the third edition of his weekly fighter diary.

This week I was pushed to the brink, it’s where just another day at DK MMA takes on a whole new term. It’s a point where you don’t know if you even want to be in the moment anymore. You don’t feel like you can lift your arms to block, your legs are in quicksand, your hands feel like 100-pound weights. Every movement feels like the wrong movement and nothing you can do to get away from a shot or a avoid a strike…but when the timer is still going and the round hasn’t ended and you have your coach yelling come on, get the f**k up and move…you have to push on. That’s all you can do in that situation, you cannot let your will be broken, and I feel stronger as a fighter now because of these moments. I’ve trained at other gyms where you see muscle or a little move in your step so you feel you are better, but when you feel like the sheep being herded by the pit bull and you been going for 100 miles with no end nearing is when you find out whether you are built for the war or you fall by the way side!

I feel like since I was a kid, some part of me knew I would end up in some sort of combat sport. Albeit Mixed Martial Arts wasn’t around or as big as it is now, Boxing was big then. I can remember being a kid on the playground and they had the big dome jungle gym like things like in that movie “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. All the kids would like gather in this huge thing and attempt to play fight, as we all know with play fighting it gets real, real quick. One of the “Thunderdome-esque” times there was this kid we called “RJ”, and me and him duked it out and it got too real. I’m talking bloody nose fat lip real (laughing). I remember going to the principal and having a note sent home. My grandfather (who was a great boxer) saw this note and I can remember him telling me “you have to learn how to box”. From that moment every time till he passed away was boxing lessons. It’s a moment that plays in my head every time I walk in the gym.

I’ve honestly, literally spent months praying for better me as far as being a “Fighter” or “Martial Artist” goes. I always asked the same things let God guide me to the places I need to go to get to the goals I need to achieve in the sport. The day I got the call from my coach my prayers were answered, but not all of God’s blessings have stopped. This week I started working with Gene Calderon on my striking in addition to my coach and team. I can remember 6 years ago seeing him in the video the WEC did for Miguel Torres, and watching him work with so many great local guys like Terry House, Dan Alstott, and Billy Johnson. It was like maybe this is a sign, this is where I need to be. Truthfully I never worked this hard for anything related to MMA till the past year. Honestly, my work ethic changed the day I met Felice Herrig. I honestly don’t think it would have, had I not met her I would probably still be the guy in his basement wasting his and everyone else time.

I have a little over 2 weeks left and it’s like hardcore crunch time. Leaving the gym I’m like relishing the moments I get to have lunch with my daughter, and the times me and my son have conversations about fighting or helping him with homework. It’s becoming a point of normalcy and just good down time. This week my girl came home with the beginning of my weight cut/diet food. I can honestly say part of me wanted to cry. I will get more into the diet next week, but I’m happy to say the extra Thanksgiving weight is gone! I’m about 138-135 right now with a little over 2 weeks left. I love you guys and thank you all for reading and will see you all next week!!!

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Matt Lo Cascio is the co-founder and editor of Chicago's MMA. He is the former play-by-play announcer for the XFO and other organizations, and he has been published by ESPN.com, DraftKings, The Comeback, FanSided, and more.

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