Will Brooks Scores TKO Win at Bellator 97


Will Brooks

At the beginning of the third round of the Will Brooks vs. Cris Leyva fight at Bellator 97, analyst Jimmy Smith commented that Will Brooks was in control of the fight, but he hadn’t been impressive. Brooks changed that in short order.

Moments later, Brooks landed a right hand that snapped back Leyva’s head. Then Brooks played stalker, continually hunting Leyva down and backing him down near the cage, where Leyva would try to circle away. Brooks used his striking, a combination of punches and kicks, in putting it on Leyva.

With just over three minutes left in the third round, Brooks shot and finished a take down of Leyva, easily getting to full mount in the process.

Leyva gave up his back and Brooks took it. He sank in his hooks and let loose with some left hands that landed. Leyva could not escape the back mount, and the fight was stopped at 2:20 of the third round.

Here’s video of the final round.

Brooks wasn’t happy with his performance, apologizing in a Tweet:

Brooks also tweeted that he is now solely focused on his September 27 tournament opener against veteran John Alessio in Portland.

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