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Cory Galloway Gets Surgical, Dominates Jeff Bates at RFA 10


Cory Galloway at RFA 10

by Matt Lo Cascio

Cory GallowayTeam Curran’s Cory Galloway dominated Jeff Bates at RFA 10 with an incredible display of boxing, including two left-hook liver shots that sent Bates to the mat in third round, where Galloway would finish him with a barrage of strikes.

Galloway hurt Bates several times throughout rounds one and two, and was ready to move in for the kill as round three began. He hurried to the center of the cage at the start of the round, resuming with a series of jabs. He connected with two powerful left hooks that stunned Bates. Tired of the beating, Bates telegraphed a shot that Galloway easily turned away.

Galloway then ducked under a slow jab from Bates, and came up on the other side with a devastating left hook that rattled Bates’ liver. Bates favored that side of his body as he backed up, but Galloway marched in, reloaded, and let the left hand go again, connecting in the same place. Bates crumpled to the mat and Galloway pounced. He let loose with hammer fists and what we counted as 48 unanswered punches before the ref stepped in to wave off the bout.

Bates remained on the ground for a while, his face a bloody mess and his body wracked from the damage of the consecutive liver shots.

Galloway confused Bates throughout the entire fight, using a creative array of strikes, the majority of them landing with precision and power.

In round two, a hard right hand from Galloway knocked Bates mouthpiece out. As Bates retreated, the ref stepped in to pause the action and allow Bates to recover it and put it back in. Galloway was ready to attack again, and didn’t look pleased when the ref stopped the action.

When action resumed, Bates immediately pushed Galloway up against the cage and converted on a double-leg takedown.

“Bates again, showing he does not want to stand up. He wants to get this thing to the ground,” analyst Pat Miletich said.

Bates couldn’t do anything with the takedown, and Galloway got to full guard, swiveling his hips in hopes of setting up an armbar, then utilizing a high guard to neutralize Bates. Eventually the ref broke the stalemate and stood the fighters up.

The fight restarted and Galloway continued to mix up his strikes. Straight left to the body. Crisp jab. Duck under a wild right hand from Bates and connect with a powerful left hook that drew roars from coaches Doug Mango and Jeff Curran. Another left to the body. The body shots were adding up and taking effect —  Bates was slowing and his hands were dropping. Galloway took note.

Galloway took his time, but kept the pressure on. He laid a three-punch combo on Bates, then went back to the body. This was surgical. Left hook to the body that lands loudly. Another 3-2. Bates was seemingly paralyzed defensively, completely unsure of what Galloway would throw. A left hook to the jaw lands, and Bates adjusts his mouth several times. It was a completely dominant round for Galloway.

Between rounds, Miletich commented over the second round highlights. “Galloway staying crisp throughout this fight. A lot of people think that the jab doesn’t work in MMA. I beg to differ with you. Galloway showing that it works quite well.”

After the fight ended, Michael Schiavello commented that Galloway’s boxing was “a delight.” Indeed it was, and it moved him to 4-1 as a pro with an impressive win over a previously undefeated fighter.

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