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Palhares Submits Pierce, Holds Heel Hook After Tap — Again



Rousimar Palhares vs. Mike PierceRousimar Palhares was at it again last night at UFC Fight Night 29, catching Mike Pierce in one of his patented heel hooks, and then hanging on to the hold well after Pierce tapped and the ref dove in to stop the fight.

Watch the video below. Pierce quickly taps Palhares three times, then referee Keith Peterson dives in to stop the fight. Palhares could clearly see and feel Peterson, but he keeps the hold even though Pierce continues to tap and Peterson is literally laying on both fighters trying to separate them.

Palhares has done this on multiple occasions, so it’s apparent he needs some sort of disciplinary measure to ensure it doesn’t happen again. UFC president Dana White told MMAFighting.com that is coming. Holding any submission once the ref steps in post-tap is unacceptable, but heel hooks are particularly dangerous, easily shredding knee ligaments if held too long. Besides the injury factor, that type of lack of sportsmanship is indefensible.

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