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Rick Faye Seminar at Comprido BJJ


Rick Faye Seminar at Comprido BJJ

Southside Kali’s Sifu Marcus Charles, the longtime JKD/Kali instructor who has trained under Tom Cruse, Paul Vunak and Erik Paulson, is bringing back one of his other instructors for another seminar — Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts expert Rick Faye.

Faye will be at Comprido BJJ for a two-day seminar on February 22 & 23. The teaching on February 22 will focus on JKD concepts. February 23 will cover Panantukan, a Filipino Kali style of boxing.

Faye coached Greg Nelson and Erik Paulson early in their careers, and he is one of Guro Dan Inosanto’s most accomplished students.

Registration information is on the poster below.

Rick Faye Seminar at Comprido BJJ

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