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EA Sports UFC Game Review



Bruce Lee EA Sports UFC Game

by Mike Bacos

Most of us who are MMA fans have seen the new trailer for the new EA Sports UFC game coming out on June 17. We may have geeked out when we saw that we were able to play Bruce Lee in the UFC (I’ll explain how to get there in a minute) and how many top UFC fighters, like Jon Jones and Anthony Pettis idolized him. The graphics look sick and the movement very smooth. Some of us may be hyped about it, while some people on YouTube may feel the game will suck.

EA Sports had a fan first VIP experience at UFC 173 where credentialed media got the privilege to be the first ones to play the video game on PS4. I’m a fight fan and had my reservations about the game. MMA is such a complex sport. How are they going to catch all the facets of being in the octagon? I mean, MMA is not simply punches and kicks. There are takedowns, guard passes, submissions, etc. It is not easy to capture all of that in a video game. But as EA Sports demonstrated with the Madden and Fight Night series, they fully go in deep with the sports they recreate.

The developers of UFC are the same ones who brought you Fight Night. And they did more than just watch fights to understand MMA. No. They actually studied Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I mean, if they want to truly capture the essence of MMA, they have to immerse themselves in the sport. The game play truly reflected that.

EA Sports UFC Game CoverOf course, you have your punches and kicks and if you push a certain button and the L-stick in certain direction, you can change the levels of the punches and kicks. But here is where it gets fun. First, the grappling and takedowns. The controls are meant to be simple enough where a simple swoop of the R-stick can do multiple things like takedowns and clinches. But once in a clinch, players can swoop the R-stick continuously to try gain control of the clinch, while throwing knees and elbows. Just like real life, if you don’t have inside control, your strikes are less effective. And one can even spin around and take the back, to set up for a suplex.

Now, to me, here is where the money is made. (Note: Although, I’ve done BJJ, I do not have strong BJJ skills). The ground game. It is sick. It reflects what it is like to be those guard situations. Remember that same R-stick swoop? You can use it to gain position while in the guard, pass a guard, etc. But what was truly enjoyable was the submissions. Once in a position, a player can go ahead and insert a submission on to his opponent, but to escape or to be successful does not involve a simple mashing of buttons. It involves a gated system, where a player who is working out of a submission uses the R-paddle by holding it in one direction to fight out of it. The player applying the submission moves the R-paddle to that same direction and holds it, while waiting for the L to pop up in a certain direction. Then, that player has a certain amount of time to move the L-stick in that direction to deepen the hold. If the applier successfully does this 3-4 times, the hold is successfully placed and the opponent taps. If not, then it its back to the drawing board. This truly replicates what it is like to apply and fight out of a submission hold on two PS4 controllers.

The gameplay is seriously amazing and from some of the hater YouTube comments out there, they really have no clue what they are talking about. EA Sports UFC is a game in which a true MMA fan will really enjoy. Even someone like me, who came from boxing and muay thai, really loved the game and is excited for the release. Feel free to invite me over when you do purchase the game.

Oh how do you get Bruce Lee? Well, you have to beat the career mode level in Hard or above….or you can purchase him in advance.

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