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XFO 53 Results and Recap


by Jan Louis Gaetjens

Results and Fight Recaps from XFO 53 at the UIC Pavillion in Chicago, Illinois on October 11, 2014.

Tim Cho def. Bowden XFO Ammy featherweight title rd3 2:01 TKO
Team Curran product Tim Cho looked like anything but an amateur in this bout. Alexander Bowden looked to push the pace of the fight early and often, but Cho looked comfortable in every phase of the fight, mixing well timed counterpunching on the feet with positional dominance on the ground. Cho is only 20 years old and in his first year of amateur MMA competition, but none of that inexperience showed as he cruised to a third round stoppage. Keep an eye on the newly crowned XFO Amateur Featherweight champion, as this is a young fighter with a bright future ahead of him.

Curtis Blaydes def. William Baptiste 1st 2:14 TKO

Blaydes opened the round with a solid high singe leg, forcing Baptiste to defend off of his back. Working from standing in Baptiste’s open guard, Blaydes cleverly dialed back the pressure, waited for Baptiste to attempt to stand, and landed a perfectly timed straight right to send Baptiste staggering back down to the canvas.

Jordan Wiggins def. Anthony Goodwin Unanimous Decision

Wiggins executed well in this bout and did a great job of mixing up technical ability with sheer strength. Anthony Goodwin struggled throughout the fight to get inside of Wiggins’ reach, and Wiggins took advantage of every opportunity to unload high kicks and knees from range. With no viable option but to try working for the takedown from the clinch, Goodwin exposed himself to several bad positions on the ground, taking a lot of damage and giving Jordan Wiggins the decisive win.

Fierce Taylor Jr def. David Sorensen Sub Rd.1 0:44 Heel Hook

This is a fight that would’ve been great to watch go the distance, as both fighters came out throwing huge knees and leg kicks from the first bell. After going to ground within the first ten seconds of the match, Sorensen took a gamble on a straight ankle on Taylor’s right foot. Taylor immediately recognized the submission attempt and exploited Sorensen falling back into a fifty-fifty position to lock up a tight heel hook of his own and finish the fight.

Cameron VanCamp def. Damian Norris Unanimous Decision

Cameron VanCamp was able to dominate the fight on the feet as well as on the ground. Norris did well to keep VanCamp at bay on the canvas by throwing submission attempts in rapid succession throughout the fight, but was unable to seriously threaten VanCamp. Norris’ willingness to stay active off of his back opened him up to long periods of heavy side control from VanCamp that made the difference in this bout.

Vincent Romandine Def. Marshawn Hughes Sub Guillotine Rd1 3:37

Hughes came out guns blazing, rattling off a string of acrobatic kicks and knees before Romandine could effectively close distance and clinch. Despite scoring an easy inside trip takedown, Romadine was forced to spend the vast majority of the round defending a series of tight triangle attempts from Hughes. Romadine did well though to maintain his composure, rotating out of a triangle attempt just after the three minute mark and using the opportunity to secure a fight-finishing guillotine seemingly out of nowhere in the ensuing scramble.

Lawrence Dunning, def. Christopher Gutierrez Unanimous Decision

With the exception of a huge double leg takedown to open the first frame, Gutierrez was unable to get anything going in this fight. Dunning spent the majority of the contest raining down heavy blows on the ground from full mount. However, as dominant as Dunning was throughout the fight, he was unable to finish Gutierrez, who was forced to defend for two straight rounds.

Daniel James Def. Ryan Pokryfky TKO rd.2 3:38

Daniel James landed some crushing blows right off the opening bell and seemed poised to easily cruise past Pokryfky, who struggled to find his way inside James’ punches. Pokryfky was eventually able to tie up the 6’5” James, take him to the mat with an inside leg trip, and actually dominate the opening round, dropping short strikes from side control. The second stanza was a completely different affair, however, as James wisely kept the fight standing. James once again opened with a barrage of stiff punches, but Pokryky’s reactionary shot attempt was met with a heavy sprawl from James, who wasted no time unleashing his heavy hands to earn the stoppage. Even though this was a fight that James was expected to win, Pokryfky exposed James’ discomfort working out of bad positions on his back- an element of his game that still lags a bit behind his heavy-handed striking.

Daniel Aguirre def. Shawn Bottoms Sub RNC rd.1 4:47

Both Aguirre and Bottoms looked good on their feet for the short time that this fight stayed standing. As soon as they hit the mat though, Daniel Aguirre had no trouble putting this one away. After standing up in Bottoms’ open guard, Aguirre dove in, landing a Shogun-esque right hand to the jawline of Bottoms. As soon as Bottoms gave up his back to defend, Aguirre locked up a rear naked choke to put an end to the contest.

Adam Maciejewski XFO 53Adam Maciejewski def. Raymond Lopez Unanimous Decision

In the co-main event, home crowd favorite Adam Maciejewski and Raymod Lopez fought to a relative stalemate in the clinch until the second round, when a slip on the canvas by Maciejewski opened the door for Lopez to do some serious damage from top turtle position. Maciejewski would survive the round and go on to score a crucial takedown in the opening minutes of the third round; that takedown, and ensuing smothering side control, would ultimately be enough to earn Maciejewski the win on the judges scorecards. The victory extends Maciejewski’s undefeated streak to seven fights. Lopez meanwhile will have to go back to the drawing board, slipping to 3-5 in all contests since his 2011 bout with Andrei Arlovski.

Matt Fiordirosa def. Dyllon Muniz TKO rd3 2:32

In the main event of the evening, Matt Fiordirosa put on a ground game clinic. Anyone in attendance who saw Clay Guida in Fiordirosa’s corner and expected a “Carpenter” style slugfest was instead treated to a display of technical prowess on the ground. Fiordirosa’s positional awareness and smooth transitions landed him postured up in full mount midway through the third round. Once there, Fiordirosa rained down a barrage of absolutely devastating elbows to earn the stoppage.

KO of the night: Curtis Blaydes, who put William Baptiste on roller-skates with a perfectly timed straight cross on the button

Sub of the night: Fierce Taylor Jr., who turned submission defense into instant offense to lock up a perfect heelhook before either fighter could break a sweat

Team of the night: Team Curran showed yet again why they are one of the region’s premier camps, posting two decisive, technically impressive victories and leaving the building with the Amateur Featherweight strap.

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