Jeff Curran Jiu Jitsu Journey


Jeff Curran

The old comedy bit goes something like this: “Back in my day we had to walk to school barefoot, in the snow, up hill, both ways.”

Jeff Curran has a similar tale. Before there were BJJ schools next to every Starbucks and Chipotle, you had to hunt for them. Curran found one downtown, so each day he would grab his gi and hop into his old Chevy van. Then he’d drive all the way into the city during rush hour — a two-hour haul — train hard, then drive all the way back home. When he was in high school.

Curran tells that story, and describes his journey in Jiu Jitsu in this new video. He talks about how he came under the tutelage of Pedro Sauer, Megaton Dias and Carlson Gracie Jr. and how Jiu Jitsu completely changed his life.

Jeff Curran Jiu Jitsu Journey

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