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WWE Warner Bros. Tie Up



If you love your WWE wrestling, there are endless opportunities to follow your sport these days.

You can even play WWE slots games on your PC, or play on mobile devices such as tablets and cell pones – and of course you can use the same devices to watch TV live – or simply watch some great bouts on YouTube – or whatever else. In short, the opportunities are almost limitless in today’s mobile, digital wireless age. Isn’t it great!?

And there are so many of us out there watching our wrestling in different ways these days that it helps put a lot back into the sport we all love so much – in a nicely upward spiral. This is why it’s such good news that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and WWE have now signed a multi-year commercial partnership for home video distribution of all WWE programming.

The new deal commences on the first of January next year and covers off all US rights for distribution in both digital and physical WWE formats.

Now we all know, intuitively, that WWE is really where it’s at. But this is also confirmed by the stats and is, of course the reason the likes of Warner Brothers are so keen to grab the rights. The latest figures available for these things are from 2013 – so when you consider that WWE titles made up the whole of the top ten sports DVDs of 2013 – and that WrestleMania 29 was top of the whole pile of all sports titles, you can soon see that Warner Bros know what they’re doing.

Specifically, the new deal gives the Home Entertainment division of Warner Bros the distribution rights to release things like match compilations, any new WWE documentaries produced – along with all the pay-per-view events, such as SummerSlam, WrestleMania and so much more. There’s also the catalog of hugely collectible titles to go for all around the U.S.

What’s more, these two enormous enterprises have already collaborated on animated series linked to The Flintstones and the Scooby-Doo franchises.

So perhaps the ‘Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery,’ made both organizations realize the potential here. But we think it could go a lot further yet. After all, Warner Bros own the rights to various series including, for example, “The Big Bang Theory” which would make up an interesting tag team – along with Batman.

So who’s going to step up inside the costume of the caped crusader? It’s surely waiting to happen now the deal has been signed. Or how about the cast from “Friends” entering the ring to take on The Rock perhaps all at once? Better still, how about the cast from The Vampire Diaries taking on the wonderful AJ Lee? After all – she can look kinda vampish herself at times.

You have to say – the possibilities are endless here for some superb ring action. So which Warner Bros characters get our vote? We need a little creative thinking here people!

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