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XFO Fight Fest Hebron Results


Vince DeCicco vs. Darren Gibbs - XFO Fight Fest Hebron

Vince DeCicco defeated Darren Gibbs in the main event at XFO Fight Fest in Hebron. (Photo: Adam Rose/A.R.Photography)

by Matt Lo Cascio

In the main event of XFO Fight Fest Hebron, Vince DeCicco spent a lot of time on his back against Detroit’s Darren Gibbs. “It was tough with him on top,” DeCicco said. “He’s a big boy.”

With his ground game nullified by the strength and wrestling of Gibbs, DeCicco needed another route to victory. He rectified the situation in round two when Gibbs doubled up on a jab and shot in for a takedown. DeCicco timed it perfectly and landed a crisp right hand that stunned Gibbs. DeCicco quickly moved in and hit him with two more shots. Gibbs hit the deck and the ref stepped in to wave it off. The crowd — filled with DeCicco fans — roared. The win broke a two-fight losing streak for the Team Curran fighter.

In the co-main event, Strasser MMA’s Andrew Johnson put on an amazing show in handing Mark Millare the first loss of his career.

Johnson, a 5’11” flyweight, had a huge reach advantage over the 5’3″ Millare, and he put it to use early and often, keeping Millare on the outside and at the end of his punches. Winning the striking game was out of the question, so Millare repeatedly tried to get Johnson to the ground. Johnson continually stuffed Millare’s takedown attempts and made him pay for them.

Millare’s face was swollen at the end of round one, particularly under his left eye. Johnson got right after it again in round two, taking Millare to the ground and unleashing a vicious barrage of strikes that finished Millare.

Johnson is just 20 years old, and his long frame will fill out. When asked how long he can remain at flyweight, he said this was probably his last fight at 125 and he’ll make the move to bantamweight for his next bout. He’ll take his 3-0 record, and a ton of potential, with him.

Vince Wadman attempts a takedown on Ryan Hawkins. (Photo: Adam Rose/A.R.Photography)

Vince Wadman attempts a takedown on Ryan Hawkins. (Photo: Adam Rose/A.R.Photography)

Team Curran’s Vince Wadman made his first appearance in over two years, and he showed excellent wrestling in a unanimous decision win over Strasser MMA’s Ryan Hawkins.

Wadman was able to mount Hawkins repeatedly, but Hawkins showed some stellar defense from the bottom, particularly with wrist control. He was also able to escape Wadman’s full mount three times, but Wadman dominated the fight, spending most of it in top position. All three judges scored it 30-27 for Wadman, but Hawkins put up a good fight in his MMA debut.

Frank Herrera with Ref Otto Torriero

Referee Otto Torriero raises Frank Herrera’s hand after his :09 KO of Will Casey. (Photo: Adam Rose/A.R.Photography)

Alpha BJJ’s Frank Herrera had the Knockout of the Night, needing just nine seconds to face-plant Will Casey with a huge right-hand. Herrera’s intensity was evident from the moment he walked out to the cage. He looked ready to destroy, and he did just that.

Eduardo Mejia and Team Curran’s Alejandro Moyano put on an exciting scrap, with both fighters making their MMA debuts. Mejia came out guns-blazing, showing great hand-speed and aggressiveness at the beginning of the round. Moyano stood his ground and was able to latch onto Mejia’s neck in a skirmish near the cage. It looked as if he was going to pull guard but didn’t need to, as Mejia tapped to a standing guillotine at 2:34 of the first round.

Strasser MMA’s Julius Hicks moved to 2-0 with some exceptional striking, including a devastating upper cut that caught Travis Triplet clean on the chin and sent him down. Hicks got the KO at 1:55 of the first-round.

MoMo Scott rebounded from his XFO Flyweight Championship loss at Rocktown Showdown 24 to beat Alpha BJJ’s Sergio Rios by unanimous decision. Scott’s grappling was too much for Rios to handle, as Scott dominated from top position and Rios had no answer.

Michael Johnson made the long trip from Detroit worth it with a quick submission win over Francisco Villagomez. The Ground Zero MMA product needed just :40 to secure the fight-ending choke.

XFO Fight Fest Hebron Results

Julius Hicks def. Travis Triplet, KO, 1:55 round 1
Michael Johnson def. Francisco Villagomez, SUB-RNC, :40 round 1
MoMo Scott def. Sergio Rios via UD, 29-28, 29-28, 30-27
Alejandro Moyano def. Eduardo Mejia, SUB-Guillotine, 2:34 round 1
Frank Herrera def. Will Casey, KO, :09 round 1
Vince Wadman def. Ryan Hawkins, UD, 30-27 x 3
Andrew Johnson def. Mark Millare, TKO, :22 round 2
Vince DeCicco def. Darren Gibbs, TKO, 2:22 round 2.

Special thanks to Adam Rose of A.R.Photography for the photos.

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