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Robert Drysdale and The Jiu-Jitsu Mindset


Robert Drysdale on BJJ

In a recent podcast, Elliot Roe and Dr. Tricia Cardner  interviewed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and UFC fighter Robert Drysdale on the importance of Mindset in BJJ and how it can lead you to success in other areas of your life. Drysdale, like so many others, is drawn to BJJ because it is not only physically rigorous, but is also psychologically rich. All the ups and downs and daily lessons can be applied on and off the mat.

Jiu-Jitsu isn’t easily boiled down. There are a lot of important aspects to step your game up. The following are just a few. Take them with you:

Tactical Decision-Making:  BJJ is highly strategic. One must constantly make split-second decisions with high-impact results. It is imperative that one be tactical and strategic, says Drysdale.

Sharp Mind:  In BJJ one must have the ability to react quickly to everything; hesitation is one’s worst enemy. Whether sparring, rolling or in competition, the window is small for taking advantage of opportunity. Overthinking can lead to grave error.

Controlled Emotion: Being in touch with one’s emotions in BJJ is essential. The stress one creates — the anxiety and the pressure — can get in the way. But such situations are teaching moments. They teach resilience. They teach one to be grounded and mindful. They are invaluable.

Visualization: It is necessary to have a series of gameplans for each fight. One game plan is not going to work. Drysdale does not drill, he visualizes. Visualization is a handy tool: Close your eyes and think about the movements, the scenarios. Think about it over and over again–there will always be an answer. There will be no hesitation. If you see it in your mind, you will do it.

Robert DrysdaleWith time and discipline, these facets of hard work come together. Inside of you grows a union, a complex machine of hustle, integrity, intensity, and precision.

Treat your brain like the behemoth machine it is. Learn more mindset strategies by Robert Drysdale by attending the BJJ4Change 2016 training camp, tournament, and documentary by joining his team today!

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