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Blue Belts Cash Out Big From Micro BJJ Tournament In Illinois and Wisconsin


Blue belts are getting paid. A progressive grappling event was hosted in Wisconsin at Nova Gyms Martial Arts & Fitness on July 29. This exciting submission-only tournament was meant to provide Wanderlust Grappling and BJJ4Change a live venue for blue belt competitors to showcase and document their jiu-jitsu progress while competing for cash. Greyson Christian, the founder of Wanderlust Grappling is the visionary behind the tournament.

“My goal with these events is to provide a more exciting format for all competitors, at all levels, where submission only (EBI Style) rules allow for more intense competitions,” Christian said. “Too many tournaments are slowing down the play for the fighters and watering down the sport. Submission only with liberal restrictions is the way things are going in the competition world these days, or at least they should.”

Although the risk of fighting in this submission only tournament was high with blue belts attacking legs and ankles in both the GI and NOGI brackets, “The reward was even higher,” said Chris Wojcik of Serafin Jiu Jitsu in Illinois. Chris won both the under 170 lbs GI and NOGI brackets and walked away with $1000 in cash on Saturday. The results from this weekend were as follows:

Under 170 NOGI / $500 Winner (5 Man Bracket) – Chris Wojcik, Serafin BJJ

Chris Wojcik

Over 170 Blue Belt GI / $500 Winner (5 Man Bracket)  – David Miller, Crossover BJJ

Greyson Christian and David Miller

Over 170 lbs NOGI / *$250 Winner (2 Man Bracket) – Colin Opper, Red Schafer MMA

Chris Martin and Colin Opper

*$250 cash prize because only two people in the bracket.

Wojcik also won the under-170 pounds Blue Belt Gi tourney, which netted him another $500. “The tournament was a lot of fun actually, and being able to review the videos of my matches now, and in the future is exciting,” Wojcik said. “Greyson (Wanderlust Grappling) and Chris (BJJ4Change) did a really nice job with the event and I will definitely attend more of their tournaments,” said the champ.

Micro BJJ tournaments are providing a solution for those who are frustrated with IBJJF-style competitions that provide competitors with no minimum guarantee of matches, even with a hefty $125 entry fee. “You could end up paying a steep registration fee to get one, or possibly zero other competitors in your divisions,” said Robert Smith, a professional MMA fighter who attended the event on Saturday. “These micro tournaments are the solution with their guaranteed match bracketing system where even if you only get one fight you are still fighting for big money,” said Smith.

Stay tuned for more Micro BJJ events from both of these organizations, and click here to learn more about Progressive Jiu Jitsu Tournaments!

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About Chris Martin

Chris Martin is Brazilian Jiu­Jitsu Brown Belt with over a decade of experience in the insurance and financial services industries. He has become a Black Belt in serving businesses throughout the Midwest who are focused on creating a culture of vitality and good health within their organizations. Most recently, Chris partnered with one of his corporate clients, Nova Gyms, to assist with the development of their fitness franchise. He has brought in martial artists and coaches who want to grow their business by offering them the business services, infrastructure, financing, and consulting needed to help them make their dreams a reality.

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