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The fight that seemed to capture the world’s attention this summer was the August event between Mayweather and McGregor. With this having passed, there are still many exciting upcoming MMA events. A few weeks away is UFC 216 which will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Here a total of 13 matches will be held with the main card fight taking place between lightweights, Tony Ferguson and Kevin Lee.

Tony Ferguson is definitely the more experienced of the two fighters having turned professional about ten years ago. Over the course of his professional career, Ferguson has competed in 26 matches winning 22 of them. Ferguson has won about half of these matches by knockout which is another testament to his prowess in the ring. While Ferguson and Lee have yet to face one another, many fans are excited about the meeting. Sportsbooks are also busy with fans and betting enthusiasts feverishly getting their bets in prior to October 7th. With the odds in his favor, Ferguson’s betting line has been set at -225.  On the other hand, Lee’s line is 185 which makes him the riskier bet but the one sure to win more money.

In the professional arena for only about four years, Kevin Lee does have an impressive record similar to Ferguson just with less total fights. Winning 16 of 18 matches, Lee is a potential rising star in the fighting world. Currently ranked 7th in the Lightweight division, Lee is five places behind Ferguson. However, the results of this fight will crown one of the two men as interim lightweight champ. A lot of rumors have been swirling that the winner of this fight will probably face Conor McGregor in the near future.

Given the standings, it is clear that Ferguson is the overall favorite on October 7. Will his performance live up to expectations or will Kevin Lee sneak past him and take the championship? Stay tuned!

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