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FLO’s Esho Calls Out Jose Aldo, Ready to Box MMA’s Best


Achour Esho

FLO Fitness and Martial Arts’ Achour Esho has never lost as a pro in boxing or in MMA. So when former UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo said he’d like to finish out his UFC contract and make the move to boxing, Esho felt the need to call him out. “I can whoop his ass,” Esho told Chicago’s MMA.

In fact, Esho is ready to take on any of MMA’s best in the boxing ring. “Jose Aldo would be a good one to start with. But also Nate Diaz because he’s got damn good hands and is durable. This will be the fourth time in a year I’ve called out Conor Mcgregor. Let’s do this.”

Esho went 10-0 as a pro boxer from his debut in 2006 until he retired in 2011. But like most fighters, Esho missed the competition. So he came back in 2016 and won his first fight. He’s won twice since then, including a knockout win in his last fight. He’d like Aldo to be next. “I respect what (Aldo) can do in the cage because I was 2-0 as a pro MMA fighter, but I would spank him in boxing.”

Esho offers an original twist to the boxer vs. MMA fighter format. “Something that would be fair and exciting to see is if we can set up an octagon-shaped boxing ring and do two rounds of boxing, then two rounds of kickboxing, and two rounds of MMA fighting. Five minutes for each round. Boxers vs MMA fighters.”

Achour Esho

Not only is he calling out Aldo and offering a new format for the fight, he also has a prediction for the contest. “Achour Esho vs. Jose Aldo. I predict Achour wins by KO in round four.”

If you think he is joking or looking for some free publicity, think again. “I have 4 promoters working on making this happen: Warriors Boxing, Al King Promotions, and I have a few friends getting in touch with Golden Boy and Lou Dibella.”

Esho has had an excellent career and built a solid business in the process — FLO has been in business for over a decade. But his name doesn’t carry the same cachet as say, Anthony Joshua or Tyson Fury, two other boxers who expressed interest in boxing MMA’s best. But Aldo said he’d like to start in smaller shows and work his way up, so Esho sees himself as the perfect match for him.

“I’m undefeated. I’m a crowd favorite. And I want to win again. Nothing feels better than getting your hand raised. Plus I feel like people doubted whether I was really good. I took over five years off, came back and proved I still had it, and now I have a title.”

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